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Hi new to the site...just wanted to know if anyone new anything about the multiple internships that are offered at Christiana Care. Im a new graduate RN and im having trouble finding a job in the area so when I saw these listed... Read More

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    Quote from Eiano
    Has anyone heard back from any of the internships yet??
    They are interviewing in April or May so don't get to worried if you don't hear anything right away. A lot of people apply to these and only a few get selected, so following up is a really good idea.
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    So I guess we could be hearing back from anytime between now and late May:urck:
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    Due to the volume and types of applications we received (blah blah blah), the selection process was extremely competitive..... Although your experience... blah blah.......

    For those that interviewed, what was your GPA and what kind of questions did they ask at the interviews?
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    Hi All-- I have an interview coming up for an ED internship. So does another one of my classmates. I was extremely surprised to hear from them given how flooded the market is right now with new grads. They choose RNs with less that 2 years experience as well as new grads which makes it even more competetive. I think having a high GPA and unique prior experience in healthcare or another career helps. I will let the community know what the interview is like...

    Has anyone out there gone through the internship program? What was it like?
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    hello i also interviewed for one of the internships a few months ago and it sounds like i was sent the same rejection letter as tsiasn. the letter asked if i had any question for the selection team, questions were asked and i received no response. and of course i felt like i gave an exceptional interview i have a bs in nursing and a 3.4 gpa. so i don't know what their looking for in their selection process...but i’ve heard that if you don't know anyone that works there already or if you didn’t got to deltech then you have no chance of working for this company at this time. but it is just that...what i’ve heard.
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    Sucks I thought I interviewed well... NEWRNDE would you mind sending me an email. I want to talk to you: my email address is
    Goodluck hownic, I hope you get it!!!
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    I just got a rejection letter for the ED internship program. "Although your skills were impressive, the person selected had more skills, etc etc" blah blah. New graduate with a 3.9 GPA from an accelerated program. Not from the east coast, however, so I'm sure that hurt a lot.
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    GoGatsby- Im extremely interested in this program for next year and am doing an accelerated program as well. DO you think it hurt your chances? Did you have patient care/nurse tech experience?

    Does anyone know if nurse externship/tech/patient care experience is needed for this program?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    My program was one year straight through, with only one week between quarters. No time for any sort of CNA or patient care tech experience. I don't know how much of a difference it really makes, but if you are known on a floor and want a job there, I can definitely see how that would help you get a job.

    I'm having trouble getting a job despite an excellent academic record. I don't have any health care experience outside of clinicals and some volunteer work prior to nursing school. It's very tough out there right now, especially if you're looking for jobs in areas where there is no shortage.
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    Has anyone heard anything from the medical nurse internship?

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