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Woohoo...Denver 2014~!

  1. 2 I just booked my hotel for Denver! I'm going alone so I hope to get to meet some of you guys in Denver. I'm staying at the Grand Hyatt, the Hyatt Regency is already booked as well as one of them Hampton Inn places......get a move on if you are thinking of going!
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    P;ease stop by our booth..we will be there too.
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    I'm at the Hampton - cannot wait to parade around in my Colts' Blue #18 Peyton Manning jersey.......
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    Lucky you....one of the Hampton Inns was full last I checked. It seemed like it filled within the first few days. Now if I can manage to get my job to cover part of the cost I will one happy girl!
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    If you go to AACN's site (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses), then go to the NTI section, they have a portion of the site that talks about "return on investment" and how to convince administrators to allow nurses to go to NTI and even get them to help pay for the conference. Check it out! I wish you the best


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