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Hi everyone, I am applying for an internship this summer and it ask to write a paper on why I want to go into trauma nursing. So I ask, why did you all go into critical care nursing? Is it rewarding? What do you love most... Read More

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    All of the above. I sometimes arrive at work hoping to admit a "good, down and dirty trauma" and then realize how morbid that can sound to others, lol. I love that my job requires a high level of critical thinking and I enjoy the level of autonomy we have on the unit. I work with an amazing interdisciplinary team that functions quite well together. It still amazes me that I know how to save a life. For me, it doesn't get any better than that!
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    <----- guilty on all previous references so let me let it out "my name is gitano and i live to get that adrenaline rush" there i said it :d i can honestly state that my adrenaline rush began after my own motorcycle accident many years ago, for some reason i was hooked on wanting to know more about each pt. that surrounded me while i was in physical therapy and not just any pt. the gruesome the better. needless to say, during my time as a red/zone trauma nurse i knew at any given moment i would be dancing all night during the full-moon on week-ends when i was on duty. in addition, just to realized that any given pt. one as a trauma nurse could impact their life with any decisions and actions that we might take, plus at the end the smiles of families and friends or to listen to the sometimes silent thanks yous... it's totally worth it!!!
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