Who's going to AACN NTI 2010 in Washington DC May 15-20th? - page 3

allnurses.com will be exhibiting for the 3rd year in a row at AACN's NTI and we love meeting our members at nursing conventions as well as future members ;) It's a great Critical Care Nursing Convention. So who is planning... Read More

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    DC is usually pretty warm mid-May but the convention center may have the AC on full blast

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    The meeting rooms at NTI are usually much like a meat locker... wear a sweater!
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    It was nice to meet everyone!! Had a blast at NTI and DC!! If anyone would like to see some of my photos, I will be posting them on my blog, so send me a PM for a link
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    I would love to see your pictures. I would also like to thank allnurses.com for the year's supply of black pens
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    It was great to meet up with everybody at the conference. I am tired now LOL.
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    Fantastic meeting so many people!
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    it was great meeting moonischasingme1 (first time to nti )and the many an members who came away with a goodie bag: tshirt, pens, lip balm, post-it notes and an buttons.

    will see you in chicago next year: apr 30 - may 5, 2011 nti2011 home

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