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Wow. I'm overwhelmed. There is sooo much. It doesn't help that I work in a rather low tech open hearts, no balloon pumps, only diagnostic cardiac caths, rarely a Swan-Ganz. I've always... Read More

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    I don't have her books and don't have enough time now to get them. I have listened to the tapes repeatedly, however. And taken the PASS CCRN tests repeatedly. Just did abominably on one them, *sigh*. However, got 95% on neuro--who'd have thunk it?! And 94% on respiratory (expected 100%, lol). More studying on cardiovascular needed though. GEEEEEZ, I wish our unit did more of that stuff.

    Time for more cookies.
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    Zee, when is the test? I'm too lazy today to read back. I think you will do okay if you remember to use your head. Sunnybrook had some excellent advise.
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    Just wanted to wish you luck with your studying. I think this question was originally posted a while back, so it must be soon that you are taking the CCRN exam.... good luck to you. Keep us posted on how it is going.

    I have bought a boook from the AACN for the exam, and looked at some of the questions...... they are quite hard, even the cardiac stuff which I thought would be easy!