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Wow. I'm overwhelmed. There is sooo much. It doesn't help that I work in a rather low tech open hearts, no balloon pumps, only diagnostic cardiac caths, rarely a Swan-Ganz. I've always... Read More

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    Good luck and a little tip-
    read the question and BEFORE you read the answers, stop and think what your answer would be- then read the answers and pick the one closest to the one you've already thought of. This has gotten me through nursing school, NCLEX, CCRN and others..
    (of course if you have no clue, use your patho skills and reason it out).

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    Originally posted by Nurse Ratched
    Well - I tried to kind a picture of a cheerleader to post for you, but a google search for that revelaed more than I wanted to see lol.

    So I'll just say

    Goooooooooooooooooooo ZEE!

    Here ya go, Zee !

    That's from Nurse Ratched !
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    Thanks, jnette! :chuckle
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    My advice is to remember your tried and true test taking strategies. If you have been working in critical care awhile, challenged your knowledge base, and have learned how to think well and prioritize, you will likely do fine. I listened to the Vonfrolio tapes once, took her advice 'You know something, you'll figure the rest out' and did well.
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    Thanks y'all.

    Been studying most of morning. Gonna take a break now and bake some peanut butter cookies. Then I'll probably eat them all.

    My unit rarely uses hemodynamic monitoring so I'm working extra hard on that stuff. Ya know, shock states and expected hemodynamic parameters, etc.
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    Originally posted by UntamedSpirit
    I have the Laura Gasparis review book and so far I am not batting a very good Makes me wonder if I know what I think to begin with ..... :roll
    I missed a lot the first time I went through the questions too. Thinking about the rationale given for why answers are wrong helped a lot. I came out of the test worried about not passing. My score was actually very high. I had remembered each time I guessed.
    In real life guessing is not OK. You also have fellow nurses, MDs. RTs, and all the brains working together.
    Call 1-800-331-6534 9am-3pm EST Monday-Thursday

    Critical Care Examination Review by Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio, RN, PhD, CEN-Joanne Noone, RN, MSN,
    CS, CCRN

    Glad I can't smell those cookies baking! Too easy to over eat fresh home baked goodies.
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    I don't have her books and don't have enough time now to get them. I have listened to the tapes repeatedly, however. And taken the PASS CCRN tests repeatedly. Just did abominably on one them, *sigh*. However, got 95% on neuro--who'd have thunk it?! And 94% on respiratory (expected 100%, lol). More studying on cardiovascular needed though. GEEEEEZ, I wish our unit did more of that stuff.

    Time for more cookies.
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    Zee, when is the test? I'm too lazy today to read back. I think you will do okay if you remember to use your head. Sunnybrook had some excellent advise.
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    Just wanted to wish you luck with your studying. I think this question was originally posted a while back, so it must be soon that you are taking the CCRN exam.... good luck to you. Keep us posted on how it is going.

    I have bought a boook from the AACN for the exam, and looked at some of the questions...... they are quite hard, even the cardiac stuff which I thought would be easy!

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