SICU vs. CVICU for new grad

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    I'll be graduating soon and have interviews already set up with both the CVICU and SICU at a major hospital. I would like to get opinions from veteran ICU nurses on which unit you would recommend is best for a new nurse.

    I do not expect either one of them to be easy. I expect them to be very demanding and I am more than willing to put in the extra time needed to study and learn. I am only interested in acute care settings so please don't recommend med-surg experience first. If you would please just let me know which unit you would recommend first for a new grad and why I would greatly appreciate all comments.

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    cvicu because it has more letters
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    SICU will be tough. You'll wonder what the heck were you thinking.

    CVICU will be baptism by fire. You'll go home either crying or start drinking. :uhoh21:


    Not to say that it's not for you ... just speaking from experience of doing the very same thing you're contemplating.
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    It just really depends on what you are looking for. I work in the STICU and I'm quite pleased with it. Different hospitals and different units have different cultures which can make work enjoyable or miserable. It's really a subjective matter and only you can answer it.
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    CVICU is very specialized and would probably eventually become kinda boring. We did a lot of hearts at my first hospital, and the nurses seemed bored and got excited when on the rare occaision they'd get something else like a sepsis.
    SICU is more broad, you will see post-VATS and chest tubes, transplants, various other surgeries, etc.
    I work at a MICU and SICU now, and can tell you it's fun to come in and get a variety, but it definitely depends on your personality for which is a better fit.
    The fact that you have both these interviews is great, congrats.