"Old" Neuro assessmet of Nipple Twisting of Pinching - page 4

Can anyone give a little history regarding nursing's involvement with nipple twisting or pinching in order to elicit a neurologic response? Approx. how long was it a part of our nursing assessment? Appreciate any information on... Read More

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    Oh, and SI doesn't excuse overly dramatic behavior. I won't tolerate disruption of proper triage processes because of drama, regardless of the medical complaint in ANY situation. Across the board, it's safer for everyone that way. Don't conclude that because this is how I operate that I don't do a thorough or proper triage or that I miss a thing, I don't!

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    way out dated. i worked neuro-trama icu for 8 years and would find old fart doctors using it on occ. we had a 85 year old woman who lost her nipple using this approach. you are looking for a response to noxious stim. nailbed pressure with a pen is quite sufficient , even with this people leave the icu with bruises on nailbeds. try it on yourself, it hurts.
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    In my opinion, it just seems pervy when there are other methods that could be used. God help the guy who tries to pinch my nipple if I'm a patient.
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