New Grads in the ICU - Summer 2013

  1. Hey everyone! I am a new grad that will be starting my first nursing job in the ICU! I precepted in an ICU as well. This thread is for all new grads starting in an ICU this summer! We can compare notes, support and vent with one another.
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  3. by   tigerRN2013
    I, too, will be beginning work as a new grad in the ICU in 2 weeks. What I hear is that attitude is everything. If you can maintain a positive attitude about your work and a helpful & respectful attitude towards your coworkers, it is a great experience working in the ICU.
  4. by   LVK.RN
    I consolidated in the Intensive Care Unit of a large metropolitan hospital, and I have been hired as a New Graduate in the ICU and Emergency Department of a small, underserviced hospital. I'm excited and nervous, but I love critical care. I'm more nervous about the Critical Care Nursing certificate program though, ha.
  5. by   Luyago
    Hello there, I'm a new grad and I'm starting my first ICU job next week as well. I'm a bit nervous since I never been in the ICU. I did my precepting on a Cardiac unit. Any advice on what school notes should I brush on? Review material?? Any advice will be appreciated.
  6. by   racingmurse320q
    Hey everyone. I am a spring 2013 grad and starting in a 12 bed Med-Surg ICU. Fortunately for me I have been working as an extern(PCT) since May of 2012 and I also did my 120 hour practicum there as well. I was supposed to have started yesterday but I went on a much needed vacation to Florida after school and now won't be starting until July 17th. Everyone will be fine in the unit, it is an amazing place to learn and there is no other place I would rather be. I'm all about sharing info that we learn along the way so that we all improve patient outcomes and maybe even bring fresh things to our individual units.
  7. by   MLB4
    Hello! What a great idea for a new thread! I, too, am a Spring 2013 graduate starting in the ICU in July! I'm so excited to start, and I am glad to join this supportive thread!
  8. by   JeanOfAllTraits
    Hey all! I'm a semi new-grad from may 2012. I worked every other weekend this past year at a M/S float while I worked on my BSN. I was applying to peds where I did my preceptorship, but never got a call. I applied for a critical care float pool and got it right away! I started three weeks ago. I start my first two weeks on a general med/surg floor and this will start my orientation in the ICU's and critical care class. I'm beyond excited even though I know that I have A LOT to learn!
  9. by   ICURN2013
    I graduated in May and passed boards three weeks ago. I did my preceptorship in an 18 bed critical care unit in April and was offered a job there the day after I found out I passed boards. My classroom orientation started this week, and I will start on the unit with my preceptor next Thursday. I'm nervous about getting started but so excited to have landed my dream job straight out of nursing school! This thread was a great idea.
  10. by   srandall1492
    Congratulations to all of you! I graduate in a month, and ICU is my dream job too! I am extremely worried about my resume, if any of you would be willing to allow me to view your resumes that would be amazing! Thank you in advance, you are all going to do great!
  11. by   srandall1492
    I appreciate the help, but just so you all know...the site won't let me PM haha
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    Quote from MLB4
    Hello! What a great idea for a new thread! I, too, am a Spring 2013 graduate starting in the ICU in July! I'm so excited to start, and I am glad to join this supportive thread!
    Hey there! I got your PM, but the site won't let me respond. I tried your email, but it said the address was not valid? Thank you for trying to help me
  13. by   LVK.RN

    I have "Resume and Cover Letter Basics for Nurses" from the HR Department of the hospital I consolidated in! There is no attachment option, but I can upload and link you to them sometime early this week.
  14. by   arnwest
    I agree, this was a good thread idea. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one stepping out of school into an icu. I'm going to a S/TICU for a level 1 trauma center. It's exciting to be in a place where I'll learn something new every day and be able to see so much, yet I'm scared at the same time. Family situations get notoriously ugly on this unit (gunshot victims and stuff). I also can't see myself knowing what to do in an emergency. When I shadowed there, my preceptor's patient was going into ARDS and she just knew what to do. I guess that kind of reaction comes with experience though. Really looking to starting there next month! I take my boards tomorrow... =/