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Hi- I'm doing a paper in grad school on opinions of experienced nurses on new grads starting right into the ICU. (I'm also exploring the cultural differences between the multigenerational nursing staff and how different work... Read More

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    Quote from ICU4U
    I am going to sound so snobish.... but I can say that I personally hate it and think that it makes my job fifty times harder.. our ICU takes new grads. I spend three months with the initial training and then everytime their assignment is hard I end up doing theirs and mine for at least two years. I think most of them are well educated but not use to the stress. Fast thinking and of course keeping the MD's
    *** Wow, 3 months? Sounds like they are being thorn to the wolves. I know what you mean though. However since our SICU will only hire ADN grads, not BSN grads, we tend to get people who are a little older with more life experience. Well used to stress and less likely to be intimidated by MDs.

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    Well your paper is probably completed by now but I just wanted to voice my opinion.

    I am old school and really think all nurses should be aides for six months prior to nursing school and believe that all new grads should work in the bowels of hell on the med tel floors before comming to ICU .

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