New grad position Neuro ICU or CVICU

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    Hello all, I am a new graduate trying to decide between two nursing positions. One is at UPMC Presby in a neuro ICU and the other is Cleveland clinic cardiovascular ICU. I am interested in both neuro and cardiac and the main goal in a few years is CRNA school. I am looking for any advice on the facilities, work culture, etc.. Thanks!

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    Have you been offered both of these jobs? What sort of feedback did you get from the hiring managers about the units?
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    I fyou ahve already been offered the job and you want to be a CRNA....Cleveland clinic CVICU hands down.
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    Agreed. Cleveland Clinic CVICU is the creme' de la Creme' and will look great on your applications (if you survive! LOL )
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    Yes offered both and both managers seem very approachable, feedback about the units was similar. Hard to tell what it would really be like until I actually work on one however
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    CVICU will serve you much better as a CRNA.
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    Cleveland clinic looks better on your resume ;-) + the CV experience for that interview will be more helpful. ...
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    I don't think nursing is a calling but I believe that neuro nursing is! Go with the CVICU unless you really think the best thing in the world is asking people to lift up their arms and hold them for 30 seconds, run their heels down their shins, and repeat after you "Mama, tip top, fifty-fifty..." every single half hour for the first 12 hours after TPA. I don't think I could be paid enough to be a neuro ICU nurse... but that's just me.

    Not to mention it will look better for CRNA school to go with the CVICU.

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