Just passed CCRN ask me anything!

  1. 2 Hello fellow nurses!!

    I just passed the CCRN on Thursday and I am open to any questions any of you have about the test or studying!! Good luck to all of you
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    No questions- just congrats!
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    What books did you use, and how did you study?
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    Congratulations Kara RN BSN. I accepted an ICU position and would l just to take my CCRN as soon as possible. I have the PASS CCRN book. What study methods did you use?
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    Of course I need to meet my hours requirement first
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    is it true that step down nurses can take the CCRN? how long did you work in ICU? How did you prepare? What resources did you use? Books/DVD/online reviews? Thanks!
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    Oh ... I thought you were fielding clinical questions to show off your new knowledge. Rats.
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    Quote from Kara RN BSN
    Hello fellow nurses!!

    I just passed the CCRN on Thursday and I am open to any questions any of you have about the test or studying!! Good luck to all of you
    Congratulations!! I just passed mine too on 10/30
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    Hi everyone,

    I used the Kaplan CCRN review book to study and took a AACN review course which you can find near you on their website. I have actually never worked in ICU other than a 6 month ICU preceptorship my senior year of school. I tried staying up to date on ICU type stuff and I work in cardiac surgery step down for the past 1.5 years.

    There was a lot of "what is the nurses best response" questions and ones about the synergy model. Had to know my norms for my hemodynamics and which shock states did what to the numbers. I had no pictures or rhythm interpretations although I heard some people can have these.

    Best part was you can flag questions to go back to. I did this because as the test went on I relaxed a bit and remembered more info.

    Hope this helps! Good luck all
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    Do you feel like you could have passed the test with just a year of nursing experience? Were there a lot of SATA questions?
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    I've only been a nurse for a year and a half but you have to make sure you get your hourly requirements in order to take test. I don't remember any select all that apply questions but there were answers with multiple answers in them such as decrease CVP decreased SVR etc. all in one answer.
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    Congrats! Great job!
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    Ok, name 1 important conclusion with relation to metabolic pts. and Michaelis-Menten kinetics and Lineweaver-Burke plot.

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