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I was in the ICU for clinical giving IV morphine through a PICC line pushing it slowly over the designated time. The ICU nurse who I have a lot a respect for laughed and said he usually puts morphine in the IV line and let it run... Read More

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    Hi to all i just join this forum so i am new to every thing and learning, i got to the all nurses site through the google site as i was asking a question on how to Chart intravenous fliuds when insite on a patients hands by the Doctor, I know 1000ml of Normal Saline or Dextrose 5% or 9% as the case may be, have to finish in 24hrs or between 8 or 12 hrs as was instructed by the doctor, but at the end of the day it has to be charted or Doucumented, what is the right way in doing so this is what i am interested in knowing, how do you put down on paper, thanking you for your kind assistance.

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