I'm just starting out on the journey to become an RN

  1. I am 31 years old, happily married and finally going back to school in the fall. This summer I did some soul searching and realized that I do want to have a career and feel self sufficient despite having my husband's income to rely upon. I have also come to realize that I want to work in a field that is truly meaningful to me. I have a lot to give to other people, I have always been instinctively empathetic. I stayed away from nursing for a long time because of my all out phobia of math and therefore science. But now that I'm in my 30's I've come to the conclusion that the fear paralyzed me before I ever gave myself the chance to succeed. So here I am the self proclaimed "math dyslexic" going back to school in the fall and taking algebra and chemistry only to prepare myself for Anatomy and Physiology, Inorganic Chemistry, and Microbiology. Whoo hoo. Here I go!
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  3. by   docbkh
    congrats on coming to terms with your fears...

    ... I wish you the best in your efforts!

    The only difference between your dreams and goals is your direction of travel!
  4. by   sweetsommertime
    Congrats to you! I am always joyous to see people use their potential and go for their dreams! So often, fears cripple people and they end up with regrets. It's so rewarding to get to the other side! Best wishes to you!
  5. by   sheena1984
    im in the same boat....science kicks my butt. i have a lot of other factors that come into play as to why i am just starting the trek to get my nursing degree this spring, but i too am a wife, and a mother of 2 children under 3. Best wishes to both of us.
  6. by   pawashrn
    Know you weakness, If Math and Science scare you confront them and let the instructor know day 1 of this fear. Fear is a good motivator. Apply yourself with a daily dose of knowledge in Math/Science. If you have children grab their books and review. If they can understand it. Then the verbage would be easy for you to comprehend. remember, most college courses are written at either an eighth or tenth grade level. Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader. If so, you'll do fine.
  7. by   efda3
    So how is it going so far?
  8. by   joanna73
    How exciting! I wish you well I just finished my BSN in June, and I am now RN as of 3 weeks ago. I'm 37 now, and the whole thing took me 5 yrs because I had prerequisites to complete. Try to stay organized, and know that the end result is worth it. I enjoyed nursing school actually. Happy holidays!
  9. by   mtnsandsky
    Congratulations! You can do it!! I've wanted to be in the medical field since I was in high School, 36 years ago. I began my pre requisites two years ago and will begin the nursing program for an ADN this fall. I found a wonderful math tutor (worth the money) and she wouldn't let me fail. Now if I can just get over the fear of needles, ha.