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I am a new RN who is starting a critical care nurse internship in a month. I will have months of orientation, which is a true blessing! I want to try to prepare myself for this experience so that I can get the very most out of my... Read More

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    ]firstly, congratulations on entering critical care!!! and secondly, for caring enough to ask for the thoughts of seasoned rns!
    one of the most important suggestions was mentioned above....ask questions, admit what you don't know, admit if you make errors.
    preceptors are there to teach and answer questions!
    admitting what you don't know, and not misleading us that you do know, prevents errors to start with.
    admitting errors asap, allows quicker correction of the error, alleviating injury to the patient, or you, or the hospital.

    next, remember, every nurse, like every person, has their own way of accomplishing a task. three excellent nurses, may do the same task through a different method, and as long as all three achieve the same result, in the safest way to the patient, without compromise to your license, the hospital or doctor, it is the right way. you find the method that feels the most comfortable for you! do not let anyone tell you it is the only way, unless it is the only way, such as with some equipment, etc.

    always remember the key to being a great nurse, is always keeping safety as a primary responsibility.
    safety to the patient, your license, the hospital and the doctor.
    keep little notes for yourself of tricks, codes, and math equations.
    have simple things in reach always, sharpie, scissors, hemostats, and a smile!
    good luck!!!!
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    The basics apply first in any area of nursing practice: Physical Assessment Skills, Basic electolytes norms and treatments, basic hemodynamics and interventions, work up to Acid-Base balance and the physiology behind it, and then 12-lead. Always ask questions, depend on your experienced workers who have the heart of a teacher.

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