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It seems they all require you to have a BSN. I am currently in an ADN program. I have all the general eds for a BSN, just not those few extra classes required for a BSN. I REALLY want to go into... Read More

  1. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from arcticsun
    If you are interested in indentured slavery then the University of Utah Critical Care Internship is right for you and the best way to staff all of it's ICUs as you are mandated to float whenever they need you, novice ICU nurse! At the start of this internship you will be praised for your competitive application and how lucky you are. Someone will come into the orientation room and casually hand you a contract which they throw a pen at and wisk away just as quickly. THIS CONTRACT IS LEGALLY AND FINANCIALLY BINDING FOR $16,000. You cannot leave this hospital for a full 2.5 years without fully paying this FEE, or else hospital collections will be after you. This hospital is charging new nurses $16,000 for training most other institutions offer at no charge. Also, the training that they are offering is REQUIRED by JHACO anyway. This internship is the most ruthless, BS scam ever. Nurses are not happy at this hospital, or living in this polluted, in-your-face religious state.
    *** Wow, only 2.5 years and only $16K? How do they get ANYONE to finish the contract with such a low barrier to leaving?
    Other than having a low pay out and being a short contract seems pretty standard to me for those who accept high qualiety intensive care training as new grads. JHACO does not BTW mandate such training. The U of U could do like many (most) hospitals and choose not to give new grads an oppertunity to become ICU nurses right away.
    My only suprise is that with a pay out of only a measly $16K how they get anyone to finish the contract before darting off to CRNA school. My hospital tried a $15K pay off and it didn't even act as a speed bump for the CRNA bound.
  2. by   oneLoneNurse
    I agree $16,000 for that type of training doesn't sound like much.
  3. by   weesy827
    If you're willing to move, Marquette General Hospital in Marquette, Michigan, has an awesome internship in critical care. It is 9 months long, and they pay you while your being trained. They also take new grads and ADNs. I did this internship. It was harder than nursing school. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Check them out.
  4. by   ktliz
    The U of U program does sound like a rip-off! My critical care internship is 6 months, with only a 1.5 year commitment, and $9K payoff. Most people stick around, though.
  5. by   tabithug531
    Do you mind me asking how much the Critical Care internship pays at University of Utah?
  6. by   Mandy0728
    I graduate in August & the hospital near me offers an ICU nurse residency program that lasts 6 months. You have to sign an 18 month contract but I'm willing to do that because of the training...starts out at $25.25 an hour. I'm hoping to get hired there! I'm precepting in the heart & vascular surgical ICU this semester at the same hospital, so hopefully that helps!