Hospital paying for NTI? Really?

  1. Sooo...I'm hearing some of ya'lls hospitals are paying for NTI. My hospital (in South Alabama) is not paying for jack. As a matter of fact, we aren't even getting raises this year. Let my hospital tell it, if we try to exit our jobs for the ridiculous cutbacks, we won't meet another hospital that isn't experiencing financial difficulties. Yet....other hospitals are paying for their nurses to enhance their careers. What hospitals do you all work at where they are paying for your trips to go? Just curious. I want to show this thread to my director to let her know that life does exist outside of this hospital.
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  3. by   Michael Pope
    I have spoke to many people at NTI in the past and it seems to to vary from institution to institution. The hospital that I work for sends 3-4 RN's to NTI every year and pays for all expenses, including registration, lodging, flight and all meals. The RN's that go have to be in good standing, support quality initiatives and are expected to present an inservice of their choice based on the information they learned at NTI. Another Hospital in the area routinely sends several people, but they are expected to absorb all costs themselves.
  4. by   NightAngelle
    And that makes perfect sense....mileage may vary according to hospital. I can respect giving nurses the time off even if the nurses have to absorb their own cost. Here, we may get time off to go, or we very well may not. I can also respect the nurses meeting requirements in order to be sent...nurses who take pride in their professional development and share what is learned with nurses back at home. Our manager went to NTI and brought NOTHING back...smh....
  5. by   richard1980
    Quote from NightAngelle
    Our manager went to NTI and brought NOTHING back...smh....
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    just ran across this @ aacn nti 2011 site
    quick reference guide
    contains a list of tangible benefits to discuss with your employer, and a summary of creative ideas and suggestions that may help address staffing and funding challenges.
  7. by   Brian
    For those nurses who are going to NTI, make sure you stop by the booth 1606, we'll hook you up with lots of goodies for you to share with your fellow staff back home

    Plus we are having daily drawings, ipods, gift certificates etc...
  8. by   Randy212
    This is my first NTI convention and I am excited to represent my hospital. Twelve ICU RN's were chosen from a large campus of specialized ICU's so I was quite fortunate that my nurse manager provided positive feedback to the nursing director of our ICU's to have me attend. The facility paid for airfare and registration to the conference but we are to pay for food and lodging. I don't really mind the lodging expense since I have an incredible deal that I found through my sorority's lifelong membership benefits. As for food, I lucked out and have relatives in the area!

    As an aside, any tips for the first time attendee?
  9. by   Lisa L
    This will be my 2nd NTI. I was in Chicago in 2008. My hospital is sending 4 of us and our manager. Our nurse educator is going also but as a speaker. We have a $1800 budget/person. We are also expected to present an inservice of our chosing to the staff when we return. We are all in the nursing career advancement track and contribute to the unit and hospital in various ways. We do rotate who gets to go. Not sure how many our entire system is sending. I wish we all had shirts to represent ourselves as big group! I am exctied and can't wait to go! Love love Chicago and NTI!
  10. by   CCRNDiva
    I work at a nonprofit hospital and I contribute via payroll deduction to a club that promotes staff development and improvement of our facility. As long as we sign up for that we are eligible to apply for reimbursement for conference fees (up to $400). I just realized it this year so I submitted an application and it was approved!! My unit director also approved two paid 8 hr educational days for attending the conference . A couple of my coworkers were approved for fee reimbursement as well. Since we are so close to Chicago, (live in IN), our Executive Director sponsored a few to attend the entire conference with hotel and ground transportation included. Several were also so selected to attend the conference for one day. Amid all of the budget cuts lately, we were quite pleasantly surprised.

    I'm so excited!! This is my first NTI experience. I cannot wait to be surrounded by so many critcal care nurses who seek to advance their practice!!!
  11. by   Brian
    That is awesome CCRNDiva! Great to hear! Be sure and stop by the booth 1606, we got tons of cool stuff
  12. by   NRSKarenRN
    ccrndiva the club sounds like a great way to empower nurses self development.... you will so enjoy this conference. another great one is aacn's se philly chapter trends which i attended for over 10 yrs.

    look forward to greeting you!
  13. by   madel0119
    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    CCRNDiva the club sounds like a great way to empower nurses self development.... you will so enjoy this conference. Another great one is AACN's SE Philly chapter TRENDS which I attended for over 10 yrs.

    Look forward to greeting you!
    Hi NRSKarenRN looking forward to see you @ Philly chapter CCRN Trends!