giveaway sneakpeek - booth 1606

  1. 0 Just got done laying out most of the giveaways out.

    Here is a teaser picture

    Each Day of the NTI exhibit hall, we will be giving away the following:

    1 iPod touch with a custom case!
    1 $100 Visa gift card
    2 $50 Visa gift cards
    2 $25 iTunes gift cards
    several tshirts and mugs etc...
    Over $600 worth of prizes each day!

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    How did you get the custom iPod case, may I ask? Did you contact the manufacturer or did you come across a promotion for this item? I really like those cases. You should sell them in the store (if you don't already, haven't looked lately). Too bad I don't have an iPod, then I would want one.
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    Da Boss had them specially made for the convention.....

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