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Hi, I have been a nurse for a little over two years. I worked for 6mths out of school in a SNF, and then I went to the hospital setting on a Med Surg floor with a variety of patients and problems. I worked there for a year and... Read More

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    My dream since I have been a little girl is work in an ICU for the sickest neonates out there. I have an AWESOME opportunity presently at a Level IV NICU in one of the best Children's Hospitals, however I one thing is holding me back. A DREADED PHARMACOLOGY TEST. I failed with a 70 the first time. My second try is tommorow and I dont know how prepared I can be. All I know is if I dont pass, my job offer will be taken away!

    I need some encouragement!! Only through the love of God can I pass this test! He knows how bad I want it!!

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