1. Our ICU is now mandating us to pass the CCRN exam. Could some of you share how you studied to pass this?
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  3. by   ukstudent
    i hope if they are mandating this, they are at least paying for it. i listened to laura gasparis cd's in the car driving in and out of work. i also bought a used ccrn book that was all questions. studied seriously for about 2-3 weeks prior to test. passed with a score of 108.

    this is the book that i used.
    [color=#004b91]critical care examination review revised by [color=#004b91]laura gasparis vonfrolio and [color=#004b91]joanne noone (jan 1998)

  4. by   TopSICU Nurse
    I think obtaining your CCRN should be optional..... But it is a great thing to have. I Just Passed my exam today. It was such a good feeling to have passed it. I used Pass CCRN!, AACN core review and i listened to CCRN podcast by Med -best on itunes, and that is completley free!!! Try those they should help. It helped me!!
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  5. by   turnforthenurse
    Check out Pass CCRN! by Robin Donohoe Dennison. Very informative and the CD is great for practice but the book is also written in outline format.
  6. by   islandbeachkevin
    Did you take it yet?
  7. by   raedar63
    Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio CD's or vidieos make learning FUN!(they are the same info so do not buy both) Or she has a book that has lots of questons with rationales . I attended one of her two day seminars and it really was great .
  8. by   CCRN86
    I just passed last week. I watched the Laura Gasparis DVDs and then studied her examination questions book. It is divided into systems and has good rationales for each correct answer. Good luck.
  9. by   stranded
    I'm studying for CCRN, currently using PASS CCRN and Laura G CDs. BUT does anyone have any suggestions for studying hemodynamics? The site is no longer available. Also, any good podcasts out there? I have a LONG commute and like podcasts for extra learnin'.

    Many thanks for any suggestions!!
  10. by   *LadyNurse*
    I'm studying for CCRN myself. I have the LGV DVDs, the Pass CCRN book/CD, and I have been listening to the podcasts on itunes. I plan on taking it in January 2013. I feel like I may be ready. I am consistantly scoring 110-117 out of 150 on the practice exams.
    On the aacn website the new updated score is 89/125.

    I'll keep you guys posted.
  11. by   *LadyNurse*
    I am using the Cammy House-Fancher, ACNP podcasts.
    They were free on itunes