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So, I've decided to sign up for the CCRN exam. I've been considering it for the past few months, and decided to go for it. I've been at the point the last several months where I've been a "go to" person, so I figured now was an... Read More

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    Quote from Bronx1560
    Congrats to everyone who recently passed the CCRN. I know it’s a hard exam. Good Job.

    I personally am not ashamed of confessing I failed by 1 question. I still have my results. I was so angry I decided not to retake it. This was 10 years ago March 7 2003.

    I understand today I’m not the newbie (only 5mons in ICU) that I was back then. Today I’m the seasoned Open Heart Trauma Flight OIF Veteran who trains everyone & then they get certified. When they see I’m not certified they’re shocked.

    It's not mandatory to be certified to work on my CTICU, but it's highly recommend. There's also no extra payment for any certifications in by job. This is why some of us aren't certified. However, the unit has names of all CCRN/CMC/CSC certified nurse on board.

    I studied my brains out for this exam once & didn't make it. Even today I have doubts to taking any certifications all related to my 1st experience sitting for the CCRN as a new ICU nurse 10 yrs ago.
    I believe certification is not a measurement of how smart or how good of a nurse you are. There are nurses on my unit just like you, who I look up to and seek advice from daily... Some have never tested and some have failed the test. Oh well. They are awesome nurses. For me, it was worth it early in my career for a pay bump and marketability.

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    I passed my CCRN after taking the CCRN Review class from Nursing Innovation. The lady that teaches it was awesome. She has been a critical care nurse for the last 20 years and really breaks down the concepts into easy to understand terms. The class was held at Birmingham Al. She was very reasonable. Her web site says $500 per student but she gave us a great deal of 325. It was worth every penny. After the class she had tons of great items for sale. I bought her CCRN Review flash cards and they were great. For the 325 we received 2 CCRN review books, her personal book and tons of great items like her "Medical Spanish, ABG interpretation guide and like 5 or 6 other goodies". She gave us like $ 200 worth of items for free just for taking the class. Cool stuff and I passed the first time by following her test plan and taking her class. Her web site is Nursing Innovation LLC - Home and she travels to your city to give the review if you have 10 or more people. I was just in awe of her. It was such a good class.

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