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So, I've decided to sign up for the CCRN exam. I've been considering it for the past few months, and decided to go for it. I've been at the point the last several months where I've been a "go to" person, so I figured now was an... Read More

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    When I'm doing the 150 question exams on pass CCRN, the organ system is at the top. Does it say the organ system at the top during the exam also? I'm asking bc I find myself looking at the topic and them basing my thoughts and answer on the organ system. I don't want to get too comfortable doing that if the topics aren't listed during the exam. Super nervous here.
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    The systems are not listed at the top. The way it works is you must surmise what the problem is from the values and clues they give you and work out the best solution.
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    I just wanted to say that I took my PCCN exam today and I passed!!! So glad that is over and done with!
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    Congrats to you!!!! I take CCRN tomorrow!
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    I passed the CCRN exam on April 3! I'm so happy! Good luck to all those taking it and congrats to those who have passed!!
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    WTG everyone!!!! Congrats.
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    I passed ccrn today!!! 100/125
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    Quote from Danielle_thompson84
    I passed ccrn today!!! 100/125
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    Congrats to everyone who recently passed the CCRN. I know itís a hard exam. Good Job.

    I personally am not ashamed of confessing I failed by 1 question. I still have my results. I was so angry I decided not to retake it. This was 10 years ago March 7 2003.

    I understand today Iím not the newbie (only 5mons in ICU) that I was back then. Today Iím the seasoned Open Heart Trauma Flight OIF Veteran who trains everyone & then they get certified. When they see Iím not certified theyíre shocked.

    It's not mandatory to be certified to work on my CTICU, but it's highly recommend. There's also no extra payment for any certifications in by job. This is why some of us aren't certified. However, the unit has names of all CCRN/CMC/CSC certified nurse on board.

    I studied my brains out for this exam once & didn't make it. Even today I have doubts to taking any certifications all related to my 1st experience sitting for the CCRN as a new ICU nurse 10 yrs ago.
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    Congrats TURN, you've been at it for awhile and studying hard. Strong work.

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