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Hello everyone! I'm starting this topic for any new grads or new to the ICU. I think it will be good to come here to compare notes, encourage, vent and support each other. I am extremely nervous and excited at the same time.... Read More

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    It would be great if we kept this going throughout our orientations and starting off on our own! Maybe we can also share new things that we've learned that we probably didn't in school.

    The Kathy white app I believe is roughly $30 and there is a small binder form that cost $40 which I like better.

    Esme's Idea is a really good idea, I may have to try it.

    what ICU will you be starting on?
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    There are two units I'll be floating between, one is a SICU and the other is more like a MICU with lots of Neuro patients. But what ends up happening, is that all the patients kinda get mixed in, just depends on rooms and staffing.

    Right now I'm training in the MICU, having a great time.

    P.S. I ended up buying a lightly used Kathy White book (not the app) off of Ebay. It's hard to look on a cell phone at work, without people thinking you are texting/goofing off.
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    I decided on Emergency & Critical Care Pocket Guide- 7th ed. by Paula Derr. It's only about $20 online.

    I'm going to do some drug flashcards too. They help me tremendously.
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    I forgot to mention there is also an app called Critical Guide, its $10 and well worth the money! very simple formatting but do understand what your saying about not wanting to be on your phone while at work, especially being the new person!
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    Another resource I just stumbled upon is the Auscultation Assistant website, it has samples of all heart and breath sounds,

    The Auscultation Assistant - Hear Heart Murmurs, Heart Sounds, and Breath Sounds

    Feel free to share any other resources you guys may have!
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    Someone else posted this on another thread, critical care tutorials. I think it may be useful...

    Welcome to Critical Care Medicine Tutorials
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    Thanks for the links

    ECG Simulator | SkillStat Learning - Fast, Fun and Effective!

    Lots of practice with all types of arrhythmias.
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    Quote from C H I C A G O_RN

    Nights is definitely going to be a huge adjustment! 3 days a week of working nights and then 4 off which I feel I would use one of those days off sleeping most of the time, there goes a wasted day off! However, as mentioned, I think there will be a little less pressure.
    Agreed, especially since I've never worked nights in my life. It is not lost on me though how fortunate I am to even have a job, let alone a gn internship at a magnet hospital. If they told me I had to work every weekend and holiday nights, I'd still do it. heck, I'd even pay them to work there just for the opportunity to learn and gain experience
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    Great idea for a thread!
    I started my internship in September, and am starting night shift next week with 2 more weeks of preceptorship and 2 weeks of mentorship (where my preceptor has her own assignment). My unit is 20 beds and is the only ICU in the building, so we get a little bit of everything--medical, surgical, cardiac, neuro... Everything except traumas, which go to the main campus, 10 minutes away. We are also an open heart unit but only certain nurses do hearts.

    So far I am LOVING my job!!! Just nervous about going to nights, for sure, and being on my own....

    As far as resources, is great, and I am currently reading The ICU Book cover to cover. Once I finish it, I am going to start reading it again from the beginning... that's how good this book is!

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