Becoming a paramedic as well as a trauma nurse?

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    At the moment I am an EMT-b in the state of Pennsylvania, I really love it. However, I want to go to school to become a trauma nurse. I really don't want to stop being an EMT though and I'm very interested in becoming a paramedic too. Would it be feasible to go to school for nursing, but take a two year paramedic course on the side? Also, I've looked into paramedic to nurse bridge programs and I really don't think that is the best option for me. And I'm not sure if going to a two year school to become a paramedic and then going to school to become a nurse is the best option for me either; most two year paramedic programs are at community colleges and I believe I do too well in school to go to a community college after high school (not at ALL saying that people who attend community college are unintelligent in anyway). Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated for I am going into my senior year and need to get a lot of these things straightened out.

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    I went to a community college for my nursing program. it was after spending $32k for my first year of college at a nationally known private university specializing in medical sciences. i spent a total of $7k for my nursing degree. the community college program was much harder than any class i took at the private school. i graduated high school with a 4.0 btw....anyway, off my my state they offer a nurse to paramedic bridge that is 2 weeks long. since the paramedic to nurse bridge is not the best option for you maybe getting your degree in nursing and then taking the 2 weeks to bridge to paramedic would be an option for you since you could continue to work as an emt-b during school. i'm not familiar with pennsylvania's laws and i know some states are trying to get rid of the rn-medic bridge but it's worth a try to look into. taking both nursing and medic courses would be very difficult. i'm not sure if you could do both at the same time without knowing if the school offered the classes at different times. around here medic classes are usually m-f 8am-3pm and nursing is anywhere from 730am-4pm. plus coordinating clinicals for both.
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo you cannot do an EMTP and RN program simultaneously. It isn't a matter of ability, it is a matter of time and scheduling. There will be far too many conflicts. Neither program will be receptive to working with you on conflicts. Don't even think about it.

    I kept my EMT and continued to volunteer as an EMT during RN school.

    RN courses will account for virtually all the CE's you need to recert your NREMT. Time it right, recert halfway through school, and it's enough to recert twice! Work in ICU or ED for 2 years, then go take an RN->Paramedic bridge (these are short courses on the order of 2 weeks to 4 months).
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    I would strongly advise against going to paramedic school and nursing school the same time. You would effectively be doing 2 full-time programs at the same time. That would be assuming that you would be able to take the classes themselves without any conflicts. The reality is that you would run out of time to take both classes. You would have to be in 2 places at the same time. The last time I checked, this was not physically possible. If you are planning to do paramedic and RN, I would suggest that you go nursing 1st, then do paramedic 2nd. Depending upon the state that you are in, you may be able to function as a prehospital RN with some additional training after getting your nursing license. The other option you would have would be to take a bridge course which would take you from RN to paramedic. This way you would be able to function as either, depending upon which placed you happen to be working at.

    Among the other difficulties of going to paramedic school and nursing school at the same time is that the thought processes are different between the 2. Probably the hardest transitions that nurses and paramedics have to make is to think like the other. If you go to a formal program, they will teach you that thought process.

    So take the advice of people who have been paramedics and are pursuing or have finished nursing school. Don't do it. Don't take both at the same time. You would be highly likely to fail both.
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    you really need to focus on one or the other. I recommend nursing because you can then do anything a paramedic can do and more. I bet you would like being a flight nurse

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