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Well, that didn't last long

  1. 0 So after 2 short months, I am no longer a correctional nurse. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE the job; it was absolutely perfect for me. My biggest problem was the schedule. My NM wanted us to work 4 shifts in a row, then be off 1 day, then work 4 more days...I was exhausted. I never saw my family. She also decided one weekend to completely change the schedule on Friday, leave and tell nobody it had been changed, and become very defensive when questioned about it. She decided that everyone would be required to work a weekend, then come in on one of their off-days, so you never get a weekend off. I am actually quite sad about leaving but I'm not giving up my off-time to come in to work.

    *sigh* I'll try it again one day when I can work for somewhere different...for now, I'm going back to my specialty, psych..I start my new job on Monday!
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    Ouch! I'm glad you found a new spot!
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    Good luck with your new job.
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    are you in california as a direct hire?
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    It always amazes me that we often as nurses leave jobs or turn down offers not because of the work tasks but because of personnel issues. Why don't hospitals and facilities recognize this?!