Should I get Essentials of Correctional Nursing?

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    I am starting a new job as a correctional nurse next month and I really want to be prepared. Ive been reading assessment skills need to be on point and although I've been pre/post nurse at a GI clinic for the past years, I feel my assessments skills having falling off a little.

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    6 years*
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    Just started juvenile justice yesterday and i'm like you, not so sure about the nurses, but love the youth. What to do, what to do. glad to see you are a Christian also!
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    I am thinking of buying that book...have been working in the jail x 3 weeks now...the nurses ie LPN/RN/PCA dont want to help...wrapped up in their own world...I have to be oriented pms this week to the different divisions.....the staff just want to know about my personal business.......they are really worse than the inmates...
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    Wish I could change the way people train us. No care, no smiles, attitude. What can we do?
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  7. 1 has cheap books or Amazon. Half has decent shipping costs too.
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    Didi..I come to work one hour in advance just to pray in my car.....I have to face the hostile and toxic with supermax inmates...and go home take care of a sick elderly parent with gangbanger neigborhood at night when i leave the jail...the gangs are in the parking lot and on the streets at night...( I work pms )......if i had money...i wish i worked at the casnio or starbucks....i dare not tell my boyfriend where i work bec he said " he wash his hands bec he said i will surely be killed in no time"....
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    Now that you mention that, I feel like I should probably get that book too. I just got hired in corrections and I feel like I might be in over my head. I also work in a psych hospital and bought a book for it, and that was greatly helpful. It wasn't that nurses didn't want to train me.. they answered my questions but they were also very busy. I also hated feeling stupid asking "DUH" questions.
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    I really think a book called "Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement" is more appropriate here. Nursing skills and assessment remain the same, the patient just happens to be an inmate. I have been working corrections for the past three years, coming from a Tele/ED/MS background. The book puts the different personalities you run into at work (STAFF, not inmates) into perspective. Why are these people so concerned with WHAT and HOW you live your life, what it means to be cynical and hypervigilant. After you've been in correctional care long enough you'll understand, yes the inmates can be manipulating, but for the most part grateful for your care. Prayer and meditation help IMMENSELY... and do not change who you are to fit in.... I hope this helps.
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    Join ACA, also NCCHC. I think I spelled it right. They are having a conference in Nashville, TN in Oct. I also read postings from correctional educator. I will look up the othersite and come out with the info. I am always having fun. Wish that you all could know my coworkers. We are a crazy bunch, but we work hard and have fun.
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