San bernardino county sheriffs department correctional nurse

  1. Hi any one here applied at San Bernardino County sheriffs dept as a correctional nurse RN 1? I have an upcoming background interview and i just want to gather some information about the application process. I have an almost a year exp in an acute hospital as a med/surg/tele nurse. Any thoughts about my transition to correctional? Hows the work going to be? Will it be harder than med/surg? I hope i will be able to adjust fast. Thanks to any one who will enlighten me. 🤩
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  3. by   SobreRN
    With acute care experience you should be fine, you will have much more autonomy; a lot of minor ailments such as colds, rash and general pain you can usually just place the orders and let them know to come to pill call for the meds. Be prepared for anything from 10/10 chest pain to fractures from fights, treating pepper-spray and removing taser prongs. We are in their house (sheriffs) and if a housing unit on lock-down you cannot see your patient for non-emergency sick call. A lot of manipulation but still treating a patient, be courteous but firm as a lot of these guys have not lived a life with boundaries. Be mindful jails have ever more violent offenders and, when walking, make sure you don't turn your back and wait for deputies to let you know when it is safe, any time I am walking or waiting for a door I stand behind the deputy. It is not nearly as hard as the hospital as you are seeing people and passing pills on a schedule which allows time for a real lunch break. I love it and am planning on remaining in corrections the rest of my career; best of luck :-)
  4. by   SobreRN
    And get familiar with psychiatric medications as you will be giving a lot!
  5. by   HardStick69
    ive worked there. its pretty awesome as they have 12hr shifts. you will do great with your experience. maybe brush up on some BLS triage, psych, and trauma assessments. easier than medsurge