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RN working as LVN in correctional facility.

  1. 1 Does anybody know if an RN can work as an LVN in a correctional facility in the state of California? I Couldnt find any information about this on the BRN website. Thanks for the Help!
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    I am running across this too in TX. Were told that only needed one rn, but would hire RN as LVN but at RN rate.
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    I'm not sure about your state, but in mine a nurse cannot work in a job for which he or she does not hold the appropriate license. I am an RN, but I cannot take an LPN position because I don't have a PN license.
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    Thank you for the advice.
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    I would contact the State personnel board and ask about this. When I inquired, there were positions listed for both the RN and LVN level, so I would assume one would have no problem qualifying at the RN level and receiving the RN level of pay. Call them and ask.
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    You need to check with the board. The facility is getting away with robbery paying a LPN salary and having an RN for if anyting goes wrong you will be held accountable as a RN becaue you are one.