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Sure sounds spooky, but is it really? I've heard all kinds of stuff, mostly that you pass meds, and a guard is at your side throughout- but some places have armed guards, some don't? I've also never heard of a prison nurse being... Read More

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    Hi can I ask why they don't look at prison nurse so highly? Also pay rate ? I have interview Friday for LPN position thanks

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    Hi~ I loved working in corrections. I worked in jails, and prisons and correctional facilities in my 32 yrs of nursing. I really loved it until and unfortunately I had a low paying job where an inmate two feet from me took a razor blade from his mouth and slit his throat. However, despite that, I would go back to working in a prison again. He was just looking for attention, not to harm anyone. I would have stayed there, but the pay was really lousy. I think overall, I liked detention centers the best. You give meds, do simple physicals and sick calls utilizing approved protocols. Not really hard work, and the inmates DO respect the nurses. I always treated them appropriately and was respected in return. The nurses that are nasty to inmates, and there are plenty of them, are nated by the inmates.
    Good Luck in your decision!
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    There are a lot of misconceptions regarding correctional nursing. Prison vs. Jail: Neither one lets Correction Officers or Sheriff Deputies in the facility armed. Only perimeter and certain secure areas just outside main campuses. Prisons and jails can be much safer than even an ED/ER because there is generally more security in place. Most places give nurses the tools to understand the nature of the environment, the individuals you work with from inmates to correction officers, and some degree of safety training.

    I agree, it isn't for everyone, not the faint of heart, or those with preconceived notions regarding incarcerated individuals. Not all are violent offenders, most aren't even "terrible" people. Its not to say that you should chummy up with anyone, just be professional, courteous, and objective as with any other patient/client. Having a desire to work with psychologically and sociologically challenged individuals should be your best guide toward choosing a career in corrections.
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    Hey I'm currently doing a research project on prison nursing just wondered if anyone could offer some insight into it by answering this 2 questionnaire, it would be greatly appreciated ---->
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    I would generally not recommend corrections nursing for anyone fresh out of school, unless you are a bit older, have thick skin and are particularly astute. The "scum of the earth" mentality is not going to serve you; neither is the idea that they are all misunderstood victims of society. Remember that they have 24 hrs a day to sit around and think up ways to scam you. Believe nothing that you haven't verified.

    On the other hand, most were polite and appreciative. I always had a deputy nearby and felt much safer than I ever felt in a hospital. Maintaining professionalism, strong boundaries and strict adherence to protocols is vital. Any bending of the rules or attempting to appease will be your undoing.

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