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Sure sounds spooky, but is it really? I've heard all kinds of stuff, mostly that you pass meds, and a guard is at your side throughout- but some places have armed guards, some don't? I've also never... Read More

  1. by   GGirll22
    Good info
  2. by   laKrugRN
    Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. I love being a correctional nurse. This population fascinates me. I am never ever bored in my job. Sure it can be hard, especially when they act up, make vulgar comments etc. But you gotta have strong shoulders to work in this environment. You have to stand your ground with inmates and they will respect you. Treat them with kindness and respect but always be professional. Never let them or YOU cross the line. Many of them make it a goal to get involved with female staff ( I work in a men only prison). As far as attacks, yes nurses at mine have. Guards at mine have. But most of the men in my experience have a protective sense over us female staff. However I'd NEVER EVER trust any of them. Even the nicest one can snap. Don't go into work scared, go into work "aware."
  3. by   Tina, RN
    Quote from laKrugRN
    Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. ...
    What a great statement!
  4. by   DawnJ
    Don't go into work scared, go into work "aware."

    I agree. I've only been scared once, and that was with a particular inmate who was acting strangely. In fact, I find myself getting too comfortable and reminding myself that I DO need to be cautious.

    I'm in a jail and most of the guys (the women can be labile) act like you'd expect them to if you were in an outside clinic. Polite mostly, sometimes angry because they aren't getting what they are asking for--just like outside the walls. But I remind myself that most are there because they have an anger management issue and/or poor problem solving skills--and that is where the potential for violence enters.

    I also had an 18 year old come in last night so drunk he was like Jello. But he still managed to suddenly kick a plastic garbage can at me from 3 feet away. I wasn't hurt, just startled. Turn on the "Mom" voice and then he is bawling because he feels he can't measure up to his siblings and he is a disappointment to his parents. A lot of these folks can seem to be arrested emotionally at childhood or teen years.