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License on the line!!

  1. 0 Does anybody else fill that correctional nursing puts your nursing license on the line with doctor not really knowing their stuff and improper report or pass down?
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    Could be any nursing speciality.
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    Sorry to be petty, but that should be "feel" instead of "fill." Poor grammar makes nurses appear uneducated in my opinion.

    If the physician in any area isn't up to par, it is simply your job to advocate and make suggestions. Use SBAR and always read back and question as necessary.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    @eatmysoxRN my auto correct did that one...but thanks for pointing it out so others would know. And thxs for the advice
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    In addition to good documentation I would suggest keeping a written journal at work. This can provide support for your claims if you ever need it.
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    True good idea... Thank you
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    I absolutely feel as though working in corrections puts one's license at risk in that many correctional nurses are encouraged to work outside of their scope of practice. Fortunately, I have worked with some very competent providers.
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    Quote from Findingmynitch
    I absolutely feel as though working in corrections puts one's license at risk in that many correctional nurses are encouraged to work outside of their scope of practice.
    Obviously I have never worked anywhere you have. I have never been asked to do anything even remotely outside my scope.
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    It is nice to know such places in corrections exist.
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    Quote from Findingmynitch
    It is nice to know such places in corrections exist.
    You have made several mentions in different threads about practicing outside of scope, but I haven't seen any examples. Can you give us an idea of what you're talking about? It seems a bit over the top that you throw that out there as if it is an undisputed fact across all of correctional nursing, which isn't so.
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    I probably should not have generalized across all of correctional nursing. That was my mistake, and I do apologize for it. It was my experience in the facility in which I worked at about 3 years ago. I have read that it is often a problem in correctional nursing. Unfortunately, I do not feel at liberty to give the details of my experience without compromising my anonymity.
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    Yes, major lack of training for correctional medical staff. This includes MD's, Rn's and LVN's. I am trying to stick it out at a newly opened facility in CA and wondering if I should. My license is on the line every day. I know eventually things will get better as the facility becomes more established (only open 2 months at this time), but in the mean time its : license on the line vs. good retirement???? I have 20 years left to work and don't want to give up here just yet because I know it could be a good situation when the "bugs" get worked out. In the mean time, CYA!!! Unfortunately at the 4 facilities I have worked at over the years, the nurse to inmate/patient ratio is insane. 1:300 with stable inmates down to 1:30 in high acuity. In the hospital I have 1:6 in this type of high acuity. Our Union's need to be more involved in helping us protect our licenses and its our responsibility to speak up for ourselves as well, but I realize it is difficult due to supervisor retaliation when they have to go back and CYA themselves later from neglecting issues.... Really look at what your risk to benefit is for yourself and your license and always cover yourself with very thourough documentation!!! Good Luck.
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    I'm sorry that some of you feel that you have to work out of your scope of practice. At the facility I work in I feel very comfortable working, I had 6 weeks of training and we also have a PA a FnP and an MD in house all day from 7-3 or reachable by phone 24 hours. I love my job and have been in corrections for three years now and have never felt unsafe or felt like I was working out of the scope of my practice.

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