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I'm sorry, maybe I sound ridiculous, but I am new at this and have absolutely no clue how to get a job in correctional nursing. How did you get the job? I searched the DOC website in my state, but they don't have any RN openings.... Read More

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    The facility I work at has both nurses who are "state" nurses and are covered under one contract than the other "contract" nurses who are covered under a separate contract and by a different union. We have both RNs and LPNs working here. I started out work my first job out of nursing school at this prison and as my first RN job I knew it would be tough no matter what but adding in the increased issues related to working as a female in a men's prison made me realize that this job in corrections is NOT for everyone.
    As for finding out about jobs in corrections whether it be in a prison or jail or other type of facility the suggestions that others have made are right on. You could also do a search on the internet of correctional nursing jobs in your state?
    Good luck

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