Have you worked for Wexford?

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    It looks like I'll be working for Wexford very soon. Can anyone share any personal experiences?


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    By chance - do u live in az?
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    Yup. Come July 1 it looks like I'll be working for Wexford instead of the State of AZ.
    Quote from it's hot in phoenix
    By chance - do u live in az?
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    We just heard their presentation a few days ago - not sure what to think yet - alot that was said, didnt go over too well. We are suppose to get the offer letters, by the end of next week - so I guess we will all have to wait and see- goodluck 2 U!!!!
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    I'm not impressed not only with their presentation, but their organization so far. They should have sent out their FAQ e-mail the day the contract was announced instead of waiting until people were calling the corporate offices.

    Good luck to all of us.
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    I'm trying to send you a PM, but your box is full.
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    Ok, did some cleaning up.
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    I've been thinking about applying at Wexford here in Illinois. I have been working per diem at the County Jail but didn't know about going full-time in Corrections without knowing much about the company I would be getting in with. Any other Wexford experiences besides the one you guys are discussing?
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    So did you stay or did you go? If you stayed - how's it going?
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    So what has your experience been working with Wexford Health? Does Wexford Health hire new grad nurses? I have an interview next week.

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