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    I find that it also depends on whether or not it is county/state VS. private companies that pay less.
    Hey, are you near Phila. ?

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    In some areas, CCA pays nurses much more than county or state. A lot depends on where you live.
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    Quote from texascowgirl
    yes, i am saying MUCH easier-and i have worked corrections in TWO states-in maximum security penitentiary facilities, to LARGE medium security prisons, county jails, and detention centers/boot camps-done it ALL.
    MUCH MUCH easier physically and mentally HANDS DOWN
    im not so sure i agree with this,
    i work at a county prison in PA. we have around 80 inmates, i am a male LPN,
    i am also the only nurse working at this facility i have worked hospitals, nursing homes, DRs offices home care, emergency room, and pediatrics.
    and i must say this is the most challenging job i have ever had i never stop,
    the DR comes in once aweek, i have around 140 meds to keep track of, but i will tell you this the pay is better and i love being a nurse i know this is what i was ment to do.
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    Quote from ddc101
    LPN Louisiana $22
    I work in Louisiana prison system. I'm an RN and I only get $22.00 an hour. Where are you working that pays LPN $22.00? Do you know what they pay RN's?
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    Quote from ddc101
    LPN Louisiana $22
    Hey DDC101! I am also a corrections nurse, RN. Work for the state on a prn basis currently. They are only paying me a base of 22.00/hr or 23.00/hr (if I work nights) and then diffs if they are on that shift. Where do you work that pays you 22.00 / hr? Do you know what they pay the RN?
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    For our company, it totally depends on the location of the facility. AZ pays quite a bit more than Texas. However, the cost of living in Texas is considerably lower.
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    Oh okay, I must be in the wrong state to work in a facility, in southeast florida it is $20 per diem but its a detention center so that may be the difference. Trying to get into traveling corrections.
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    I work in Arkansas in correctional nursing and make $15 as an LPN
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    New York I am an RN with 16 years experience top of the pay scale making $24.06 per hour with tons of overtime. Pay is comparable to hospital pay but better benefits and state retirement plan.
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    I work in Tx corrections the State contracts out all medical to UTMB in Galveston to look at available jobs and pay scale go to and look search jobs. It will post a yearly salary but the pay is hourly and LVNs start around $14/hr. RNs around $30/hr

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