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Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions - page 2

Hi, Gang: I'm collecting a compendium of Interview Questions and best answers for folks prepping for a correctional nursing job interview. Could you chime in with yours even if you might have posted... Read More

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    Thank you for this information!
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    I will be sure to remember some of the interview questions I am asked on Monday and post them! I am going to review the correctional nursing section of my Forensics textbook! Will keep you updated!

    So, can I just say that the only thing about the interview that makes me nervous is that it is street parking only, no parking on site and the neighborhood is extremely dangerous!!!!!
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    good luck on your interview sookieRN!
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    Is this interview in Baltimore? I can't remember. If for the Baltimore Jail, park on the street with the meters between the Jail complex and the Youth Center. Staff don't park there because of the meters so it is often open and it is a safe street. Bring a few quarters and you'll be fine :-)

    (Disregard if I got you mixed up with another forum poster )
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    Thanks Lorry! You rock!
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    I was thinking about my Baltimore jail parking advise and wanted to add that, although it should be relatively safe in daytime, you should still be savvy and alert on the in any urban area. Lock all your valuables in the trunk. They probably already told you not to take much into the jail. Usually, I make it a policy to only take in my car key, drivers license, and any papers needed for my visit. Less to deal with at the security checkpoint. Someone should meet you there to walk you in. If you are interviewing with Francis, Kim, or Robbin, tell them how you know me and that I send my regards :heartbeat
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    Hey there Lorry, thanks for the info.

    So here is what I was told-only bring my resume, drivers lic, SS card, and TB test results. I was told to place them in an envelope and bring nothing else. I was also told NOT to wear an underwire bra! I believe the gentleman that called me was Mr. Lee??(I have the notes in my car) I did drive to the facility this week, see where I need to go but there is a sign outside that says guards will let you in. So do I stand outside the doorway??

    Also, I applied for a nurse position, but am being interviewed for a charge nurse position. Can you tell me what that would entail? Then I got an email from CMS stating they are also interviewing me for ADON position which I hardly think I qualify for???

    Sorry to be so chatty! I do appreciate all your guidance. I would love to come and work with you-you are a great mentor!!!

    Any thoughts, sugestions or comments are extremely welcome!!!!
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    Sookie - email me at and we can talk in more detail.
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    Got it...sent you an email. My email is
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    My two interviews (two different CI's) were surprisingly easy so far. I have one more Monday, and I will see if they ask anything different.

    The big question was what made me want to work in corrections. They also asked about my experience in general, if I had experience with IV insertion, and how I would feel working with inmates who have done some really terrible crimes.
    All things I was expecting thanks to you guys on! Thanks

    I have my fingers crossed for the FT day position, but I think I might take the per diem if that's what they offered me!
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    This is a great supportive group and I'm glad you found benefit in your interview prep! Keep us posted on how things turn out...
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    Thanks Lorry. I found out last night that I didn't get the ft day position at the facility closest to my home, they chose a RN with more years of experience. Can't blame them, but still sucks for me! I was pretty disappointed that I didn't get the job, the more that I see and read about correctional nursing, the more it seems like a great job for me.

    But both of the CI's did recommend me for hire as a per diem. Which is actually a lot more $$ than FT, but obviously lacking all the great state benefits and the many weeks of training. They have 15 per diem positions and 45 applicants, I should hear by Fe 12th if I am one of the 15...

    I'll update next week on my last interview!