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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

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    Hi "BLEUGIRLRN" - Please describe your interview experience with the prison job you're at. Thank you.

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    This is for bleugirlrn. I completed an online application several months ago to work in any of the Bay area prisons, preferably San Quentin. I just received a notice from San Quentin today inquiring about my interest in an RN position. I am from Oklahoma and have worked in the prison system here, but it's like comparing apples to oranges! I'm interested in knowing about your experience so far at San Quentin. How much did your experience as a nurse count as far as the determination for your starting pay? SQ is an old facility. Do you feel safe? Overall, what can you tell me about your experience? Thanks!
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    My pay will only go up 5% after 1 year. No where near some of the State Workers pay at the Mental facilities. They say all new Rn's that started at the Mental State facilities after October 18, 2008 will start at the beginning T range of 6623.00 a month.
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    Do you still work at Yountville Veteran Home? If yes how is it for a nurse to work the SNF unit on night shift?
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    Quote from bleugirlrn
    To those wanting to work in the CA state prison system:

    Go to the CA State website and from there follow the links. You need to take a 'test' online which is really just an inquiry into your experience. I applied last December, got called for an interview in April and started in May at San Quentin State Prison.

    Good luck!

    I'm a new grad RN moving back to the bay area. I finished school in Arizona. I have a year of experience as a paramedic and have been working as a registry LVN the past year in corrections in AZ. I have a full-time job lined up in the Bay but was thinking of pulling registry shifts on the side.

    Does San Quentin use a lot of registry? If so, which agencies send out there the most? Also, are there any other prisons within an hour of Oakland? Or do you know anything about the jails in the Bay Area?

    Last, how is it working at San Quentin. I worked three different prisons in AZ and there was a HUGE difference in working conditions between the three.

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    Do you know how long the orientation for new RNs is at the Yountville Veterans Home? I was looking at an opening and the only requirement listed is an RN license. Desired are good customer service, communication skills. I have been looking to get into a new grad program because I never did med surg. I went into maternity nursery for a few months, did dialysis for a few months about five years ago and my most recent job was at a blood bank.
    Do you think they would train reentry nurses at Yountville and would this be a good place to get experience? Do they have a great need for bilingual spanish speaking nurses? Do you know what the nurse patient ratios are? I will try to call their HR tomorrow but would like to get more insight into their working conditions from someone here. The pay is great but I need to get good experience.
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    Those of you who are looking into working for the calif. prison system be aware of what the state is doing to keep from paying employees any more than they can get away with.....Like right now 2 furlough days and probably 3 starting in July. Next they will be trying for changing the pay scale. As of right now I figure I am losing approx. $1,000.00 per month! Compared to take home last year.....
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    Will these furloughs include ALL nurses working for the CA prison system? Are there any nurses or other staff who are exempt or is it the same for all facilities and disciplines, including those working in the Bay Area prisons?
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    Btw, why would they continue to hire new nurses only to tell them they will have to work 3 days out of each month for free?!
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    Hi all-
    I haven't been following this thread--I just quit San Quentin after working there for one year. Yes, all CA state employees (which includes all prison employees)have been furloughed 2 days a month since February and they've now just added a 3rd furlough day. And hopefully for the staff the state will continue to pay them in real money and not IOU's.....

    As a nurse at San Quentin (and probably all state facilities--I'm not sure) you are paid on salary. So that means that initially with the 2 day furlough, everyone's pay was cut 10% and you had to 'try' and take off the 2 days in the month. If you didn't they still cut your pay so it behooved the workers to try and get those 2 days off...Now with the 3 day furlough it will be a 15% cut automatically....and when some of your coworkers are off on their furlough the work is harder for the nurses left....less nurses to take up the's an ugly time right now to be a State emplyee IMHO....but then again, we're all lucky just to have jobs... But I can say working in the private sector is a much better situation for my personality and tempermant. Good luck to all who try the prison system, just don't go in with your eyes blinded!

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