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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

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    WhoMeaNurse, I work at Coalinga State Hosp, as registry now, Dept of Mental Health and I know Corrections RNs make about 500-1000 more base pay than DMH, plus including drop w/furloughs too.
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    CSUF student nurse, I have 6 months RN experience as registry at Coalinga State Hosp, Dept of mental health, and I just had an interview w/Central Ca Women's Facility in Chowchilla, and seem to be eligible for the job. Some prisons like Valley State are more competitive in that way now.
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    miatagirl707...i tentatively have an interview at Coalinga state hospital this month. was wondering if you can email me for some pointers, which registry, and thank you.
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    I got the job at Chowchilla, so it can happen.
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    How do you like it there? I have an interview at Corcoran soon. I live in Los Angeles, but can not find any jobs locally. What are the schedules like? Do you feel safe? Thanks.
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    Hi Tirzo13,

    I have a question in regards to chula vista veterans home in San Diego. I am graduating as an
    RN with my BSN in a couple months and am considering working at the chula vista veterans
    home. Do you have any information about this facility? Such as benefits, do they provide a
    pension aswell as 401k? How do they treat the employees? How much do RN's make there?
    Overall do you like working there? I really want to work for the state because I hear they offer
    great benefits, just not sure what they are, and I dont want to work in corrections, so I
    figure the va home in chula vista might just be best for me . I have seen your previous
    posts and you give great information and advice! Any information would be greatly
    appreaciated! Thanks
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    Hello, I am thinking of applying there too. Let me know how it turns out!
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    Hey miatagirl707, I actually have a oral interview exam scheduled pretty soon and I am pretty nervous on how to prepare for it. Any pointers on ideas and nursing concepts I should be studying? lso, you can reach me @ Thanks!
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    Hello Everyone,

    I received about six of those letters asking if I was interested in working in various positions across the state and I filled out the applications and sent them back, but I have yet to hear anything in the last 3-4 weeks. Can anyone tell me their experience with how long it took from applying to receiving any kind of contact for interviews or exams?

    Any information would be very helpful!