Armor correctional services, FL

  1. Any one work for armor correctional health services in florida? I just applied for a job with them at a county jail. I have never worked in correctons but thought I would try PRN and see if I like it. Does anyone have an idea of what the pay is and what kind of interview questions to expect.
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  3. by   ex1140
    I've thougt about signing up for some prn with them as well. Please let us know how it works out. Seems like they are always looking for nurses. :uhoh21:
  4. by   RN-Florida
    Stay as far away from Armor Correctional as you can.
  5. by   HSA1980
    I agree. They are a substandard health care provider.
  6. by   KaybeeRN
    I have worked in corrections for over 15 years. I started with CMS, went to PHS and have worked for Armor for the past 3 1/2 years. They are by far the better of the three I have worked for. They are physician owned and managed by doctors and nurses with many years of correctional experience instead of number crunchers. They are the most supportive corporate people I have ever worked with. Instead of climbing your butts about how you can save money, their priority is improving inmate health to make a positive impact on community health. They continually ask us at the site, how can we make it easier for you to do your jobs better. They encourage involvement with charity work within the community you work. When I first started working with them I was overwhelmed by the paperwork. We had logs for logs. After going through inspections, I've learned to appreciate the attention to detail. You know you are doing what is supposed to be done because everything is so well documented.
  7. by   MALENURSE50
    Thanks for the info on Armor Healthcare. I am starting with them next week in NY, and have met some very professional people in my interview process thus far.
  8. by   haitiwillrise
    whats the starting rate they are willing to pay Lpns?
  9. by   MarinoX2
    I would be interested, too, in finding how much they pay the LPNs? In Broward county?