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  1. by   Neats
    I am fortunate to have been exposed to staff who were kind to me as a new Nursing Home Administrator and smart enough to know staff can make or break you.
    Might I suggest to you if you ever encounter this again during your evaulation you make a comment about how you were let down by management, be specfic about one or two issues, you can have this in your evaulation file. Always talk to your supervisor say I need you to talk to me as a human being, I do not want you to correct me in front of others, or I do not want to be yelled at. You can go to HR they will provide corrective action to the supervisor. In short employees have more "clout" than you think but be aware your record should be pretty clean ie no tardies, call offs.
    Good luck and remember CMS again this time you interview them.
  2. by   Neats
    so sorry you have the feelings you have for cms. i am the don at a cms facility and the staff has been great teaching me how their "pod" or nursing station is being run. to me as long as we are in compliance i let the staff handle issues their way, my job is to ensure the staff have what they need to get the job completed. i have been in health care management for many years and find the following:
    - where ever you go it is the same stuff just different faces
    - promoting/mandating a respectful work environment will decrease over 50 percent of health care staff issues
    - ensure staff have what they need to get the job completed
    - have a sense of humour
    - be ready to pitch in on occasion, listen to instruction and do it (as long as you in compliance)
    - allow staff recognition for their ideas
    - never let a nurse work more than a double shift per week when they are full time employee.
    - never mess with staff pay check
    - provide expectations for the employee and don for each position and speak to the employee in that position about those expectations. what this means is what i expect from you and what i expect from myself trying to assist you with performing your job documented on paper copy to you and in employee file
    management is not really taught in nursing school and most don's have raised up through the ranks, have great hearts and just want to make a difference. it is when they get into the position and soon realize it is much more difficult to manage people than they thought while ensuring quality nursing care while staying within a budget set by the company. this model is widespread throughout the medical field. good management is a learned skill that i feel has some inherent personality traits. a good manager can learn from their staff, is always willing to listen before coming to a decision and allows the staff to perform their duties without interference. lastly a great manager will be an advocate for their staff, the unit and their profession. it does not matter if it is cms or any other medical service unit.
    this is what you have not experienced with cms. again this could easily happen should you choose to seek employment with other medical service employers in short it is not only cms (it may seem like this to you though).
    i would ask for expectations. i would excel at my job no matter what position i hold. i would be happy at work as negativity breeds contempt. i would find a job that i truly love and stick to it for at least 4 years. good luck to you in your nursing endeavours.
  3. by   Ruger
    I'm new to CMS and I love it. Most people who post negative responses to the company are in my opinion lazy and think everything should be handed to them. But I will not discredit those who may actually have a legitimate complaint. For me working critical cardiac care...this is an easy laid back job that is reasonable.
    I currently work for CMS and they just lost the contract. I don't think the company itself is that bad. It's the management locally ie:ADON, DON and HSA. Our infirmary lost the ability to have T3 in stock because our DEA license is expired. How did they forget that? We often work short in our area and the ADON states she just cant "find" anybody. Sometime help shows up a little late and we learn that the fill in person was called that morning. Mind you, this is to fill in when someone has put in for vacation. The vacation request goes in A MONTH AHEAD OF TIME!! As far as the company promoting from within, that's OK as long as they are qualified. Sometimes it is just a body to fill the spot. Rumor has it that Wexford health got the new contract. Anyone have experience with them?
  5. by   Ruger
    Wow, what flew up your nose? You just make an assumption that I assume everyone who works for cms and complains is lazy? And my dear, don't assume you would run circles about me. I was comparing cardiac care which I thought was the hardest for me in my career and comparing that to corrections. And yes, I've worked in state psychiatric facilities where patients pummel you and get away with it and in my opinion working corrections is ten times better. You talk about patient loads working med surg? Try being in charge of 100 psychiatric patients in an acute behavioral health unit. I never sought out to discredit you but it has been my experience that the people who complain all the time are the ones who are lazy - and like I said I don't discredit people who have legitimate complaints. If you don't like where your working and they aren't doing right by you then take the proper actions to correct it even if it means quitting. You make it seem like you are looking for a fight and making inappropriate assumptions - if you were going to honestly answer the question the young lady had originally asked about working for cms you wouldn't be slamming someone else in the process.
  6. by   agpostie
    I just got a job offer w/ CMS. I interviewed back in Aug. So regardless of what others say, I'm keeping an open mind and I'll make my own opinions about this company at my particular location. I don't want to go in thinking anything badly. Who knows? I may love it, can't wait to find out!
  7. by   Nurse Fee Fee
    Quote from Eugene09
    Can you come to Indiana????
    Are you still in Indian with CMS, I am with a new company now and so far so good. ACH have you heard of them?
  8. by   wuertzlaw
    We would be very interested in speaking with you about your experience with CMS. All calls are confidential. Please call Joe at 317-423-1200. We are an Indianapolis law firm.