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  1. Ruger

    Anyone working for CMS?

    Wow, what flew up your nose? You just make an assumption that I assume everyone who works for cms and complains is lazy? And my dear, don't assume you would run circles about me. I was comparing cardiac care which I thought was the hardest for me in my career and comparing that to corrections. And yes, I've worked in state psychiatric facilities where patients pummel you and get away with it and in my opinion working corrections is ten times better. You talk about patient loads working med surg? Try being in charge of 100 psychiatric patients in an acute behavioral health unit. I never sought out to discredit you but it has been my experience that the people who complain all the time are the ones who are lazy - and like I said I don't discredit people who have legitimate complaints. If you don't like where your working and they aren't doing right by you then take the proper actions to correct it even if it means quitting. You make it seem like you are looking for a fight and making inappropriate assumptions - if you were going to honestly answer the question the young lady had originally asked about working for cms you wouldn't be slamming someone else in the process.
  2. Ruger

    What do I do? Quit?

    Actually no it's not. This nurse is questioning what she is doing which is healthy...and they care despite how many years of experience they have. Honestly its about finding an area of nursing that you are most comfortable with. And maybe nursing isnt for them, but I doubt it. What they are going through is normal, because that is the way the job is set up. In my opinion if you don't care about your job, then you don't have any issues.
  3. Ruger

    Whole class got same steth...

    Well just deal with the one you have, you can be efficient with a steth that only costs 5 dollars to make because they all are accurate. The nicer ones just have more quality and perks. Hell I'd put tinsel and hello kitty stickers around mine if I wanted to differentiate it from others
  4. Ruger

    Need a vent -- disabled parking

    Honestly screw her...evidently she is intimidated and from my experience people like her do not get anywhere. The last thing people want to do while in nursing school is to harass others...don't worry, work hard and if it is trouble some, just talk to superiors ...
  5. I don't time tape unless like a previous user said if you are using a dial a flow. Any decent nurse after practice should be able to eyeball a bag and see if it is running right (simple math). I worked home care and a taught patients how to watch their IV bag flow and if "by this certain amount of time has gone by and this amount of fluid has not gone through, then speed it up!" It's really common sense
  6. Ruger

    Showing empathy?

    Really, all empathy is, is I understand how you feel and it must be hard. So Mr. Mannequin, I understand how hard it is for you to be rubber and plastic. Trust me, you will only have one question on this for a test :) By the way, LOVE the Red XIII name - Final fantasy rocks! Email if you have any other questions! You'll be fine!
  7. Ruger

    Whole class got same steth...

    Get your own steth, a very nice one.
  8. Ruger

    New Grad

    You are right, no one is hiring new grads in a hospital which I feel is due the economy. Hell, I've had experience in cardiac care/telemetry, home care and psych X 5 years and the hospitals have not accepted my applications. I am a community college grad and most want a bach. Take what you can get if you can deal with it because I believe it is only going to get worse. You may be surprised...I'm working in corrections now and I love it. I think things will get better if your ultimate goal is to be acute. LTC will give you skills, no doubt about it. Nurses are adaptable so you can learn anything in the future once things change.
  9. Ruger

    My final practicum is in the ED...suggestions?

    Honestly, if you came this far you will be fine. Nursing really is just common sense. And like a previous poster said - if you don't know it, say so and find the answer. You will be fine...work hard and you will be rewarded.
  10. Ruger

    What do I do? Quit?

    In my opinion, you DO NOT need to see a psychiatrist. I went through the same thing, you care about what you do, you give a 100% and it's still not good enough. Perfectionists and people who care put themselves through this. I totally wanted to end my nursing career but I found corrections to be perfect to me. Sometimes it's all about finding the right nursing job. Don't give up on the nursing since you worked so hard for it, but if you have to, then do it! Do what makes you happy. Being licensed is an accomplishment, you do not have to go through it if you don't want too. Life is too short to worry about bull !
  11. Well hey, if someone feels its an emergency, then its an emergency. End of story.
  12. Ruger

    Questions about qualifications needed

    Well honestly, if you have no experience then they focus on your willingness to learn. And if you do have experience, psychiatric nursing is a plus as well as any form of acute care nursing.
  13. Ruger

    Anyone working for CMS?

    I'm new to CMS and I love it. Most people who post negative responses to the company are in my opinion lazy and think everything should be handed to them. But I will not discredit those who may actually have a legitimate complaint. For me working critical cardiac care...this is an easy laid back job that is reasonable.
  14. Honestly...I would straight up ask...would you want this prisoner to use the blade on your fellow officer? Or anyone else under their watch. End of story.
  15. Ruger

    New Grad in Corrections

    I just started corrections and I absolutely love it! I am not a new grad, but I know as of late it is hard for a nurse to get a job especially a new grad. I have five years of experience: acute care (telemetry/IMC X 3 years; psych X 5 mo; and home care x 1 year, telephonic nursing X 5 months). For new grads I think this is an excellent experience. Of course everyone says you need hospital experience and blah blah blah, which I do think it helps, but if you have common sense and you are fresh out of nursing school, you will do fine. Working in corrections you will not find a job that is similar. You set your own pace and you have officers to back you up. If you want to develop skills don't go here...(IV insertion, caths, etc) those are rare experiences. But you commonly see wounds (gun shots, MRSA wound, etc) and its a lot of of ETOH detox if you are in a central booking facility. I think the pay is good, at least for me this job has paid better than my others: in excess of 30$ an hour. I actually feel that this position has been the safest one as well...you are more likely to get injured working with patients in the hospital/clinical settings. Like I have always said, if there is a particular field you want to go in and you are a new grad - go for it by all means. There is always someone willing to train you if you want it bad enough. However, lately, it's hard to get a job. Do not settle. If you can get a hospital job - then awesome - take it no matter what they pay you; it will definitely give you a good foundation!