Anyone work for the Bureau of Prisons?? - page 2

Hi! I wondered if there is anyone out there who currently works for the Bureau of Prisons. I would like feedback on the environment within the Federal Government facilities. Thanks :)... Read More

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    There is always a correctional officer when we see our inmates or dispense meds. Just like psychonurse said they are pretty respectful except the new inmates and they learn very, very quickly that there are two things they don't you know with while they are inside, the nursing staff because if they get hurt they got to come to us with their medical problem and also food service, because you don't know who is fixing your food
    Ive been in corrections for 5 years now and I have learned a lot and a lot more to learn, but you can never show an inmate that you are intimated or scared, they will attack you like a wolf on a injured rabbit and are relentless. Inmates will always try you when you first go into the system, but after you let them know you are there to stay and they can't run you off, you typically don't have a problem with them.

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