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Where to buy scrubs, etc.?

  1. 0 Hello all, I relocated to CT in Sept and finally found a job (YAY!) and need a little help finding a few things. I previously worked in a NICU and had no need for my own stethoscope. I will now be working in L & D and will be needing one. I know there are places to buy online, but was wondering if anyone could provide some assistance with where I might be able to find a shop that sells stethoscopes and scrubs around the Enfield area, or anywhere in North/Central CT. I've looked for shops online but when I drive to the address its either non-existent or a personal residence.

    Thanks guys!
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    How about just getting them online? Im only in school but I got mine from online and all on sale or clearance since price IS an issue for me I get mine at Tafford As far as Enfield area goes there isnt much anymore that I know of If you go a little farther north to West Springfield Ma there is Worn N Gear I live in Mass and go to school in Enfield and its not a far drive... would take ya 20mins maybe 25 to get to West Springfield
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    Thanks for the West Springfield option. That will work. I've also purchased scrubs online and had a great experience, I was just looking for someplace I could actually see the stuff I'm buying. It's always nice to have different options.
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    Yes i totally agree! Especially since they are all cut different and fit and hang different But with online I did have to do a few returns and try something else before I found one that I like and buy ALOT LoL But Work N Gear is a great store and it is STILL there Good luck! Can always try Target at Enfield SQ Mall too
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    Hi, I had the same dilemma when I first relocated to CT. There's a place in rocky hill called scrub wear house that's where I used to go.
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    How about near the New Haven area? ANy scrub uniform shops there.
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    Work n Gear carries scrubs. Scrub Wearhouse is awesome. Both carry general supplies.

    google search brought up these: (I'd suggest calling the businesses before driving there. Then you can make sure they are actually a real business AND they sell nursing supplies)

    Life Uniform in Enfield, CT - FindScrubs.com
    Fashion scrubs and medical uniforms at Life Uniform | nursing shoes, lab coats, accessories
    Enfield Medical uniforms | Medical uniforms in Enfield, CT - YP.com
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    I buy a lot of my stuff at Allheart an online website, I loved it since I got my stethoscopes fast and yo ca get them engraved so it's less likely they'll be stolen!
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    I found out that at CCC we need to buy the tops from the school's vendor as they need to be embroidered with the school logo, but the pants we can get anywhere (as long as they are Hunter green).
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    On the post rd in orange/milford, theres work n gear and then further up theres scrub wearhouse

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