wanting to come to conn.....need info please

  1. can anyone that is familiar with the hospitals between farmington conn., and south hadley, ma. please pm me?

    i am thinking of taking a contract, and want this area as i have friends in each of these towns, and want to stay in that area. unfortunatley, neither of them are nurses, and are not able to help much.

    i am looking for small hospitals only....no regional medical centers, or major teaching institutions......this will be my first travel job, and i'd like to start off on the small scale.

    icu/sicu/neuro/ background.

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  3. by   pokey sn
    Well in Farmington CT, there is UConn medical center---a teaching hospital rotating their med school interns and residents through. The next closest hospitals to Farmington are also teaching hospitals--hartford Hospital and ST.Francis (smaller than UCONN and Hartford Hospital). All are pretty large if you have in mind a community hospital. Manchester memorial hospital In Manchester CT, Bradley Memorial Hospital in Southington CT, Rockville Hospital in Rockville are a few of the community based non teaching institutions I am aware of. Good luck to ya'.
  4. by   ivsandy
    There are 4 smaller hospitals in the New London and Windham counties of CT.One of them is a trauma center.We also have quite a few medical clinics. I think except for Hartford,Bridgeport, and New Haven most of our hospitals are of the scale you seem to be asking about.
  5. by   sicustat
    thanks sandy.....sounds like what i'm looking for. is there any chance you can pm the names, and recommendations? any info at all will be appreciated.

    Quote from ivsandy
    there are 4 smaller hospitals in the new london and windham counties of ct.one of them is a trauma center.we also have quite a few medical clinics. i think except for hartford,bridgeport, and new haven most of our hospitals are of the scale you seem to be asking about.
  6. by   auntsas82
    Did you end up going to Farmington? I am looking at an ICU contract there, and would appreciate some feedback! Thanks Auntsas
  7. by   Thornbird
    Windham & New London are a long drive from Farmington. Manchester not as bad. There is Johnson Memorial in Stafford Springs, it's a ways from Farmington but close to the MA line. You could also try Middlesex. I don't recall if they call themselves Medical Center or Healthcare System. They recently encompassed a few smaller hospitals which are operating as separate "campuses". There is one in Bristol which is quite close to Farmington. Unfortunately, Farmington is really a part of the Hartford-Springfield metropolitan area. There aren't many small hospitals, they've been "swallowed up" by the bigger fish. St, Francis still has kind of a smaller hospital "feel" than Hartford Hospital. Hartford is a Level I Trauma and St. Francis Level II. There is also CT Children's Medical Center in Hartford, if you are interested in peds. The UConn Medical Center is having problems with funding from the state & is in danger of either closing or being absorbed into Hartford Hospital. Good Luck to you.
  8. by   auntsas82
    Thanks for the information. I am looking at signing the contract for Farmington CT-UCon hospital. ICU position. I am driving from IL, I hate to think they are in such financial difficulties,...I very well might find myself driving right back. Thanks for the info!