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    Does anybody have any advice on trying to apply for the uconn mein accelerated nursing program? I have a degree from uconn in fine arts, Storrs campus. I am taking a+p 1 this fall and still need to take a+p 2, microbiology and genetics. I am hoping to apply for the 2013-2014 year. It's frustrating that they require genetics, because the 3 other accelerated programs I am applying for do not.

    Any advice or experiences?
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to Connecticut State Nursing Programs for more of a response.
  4. by   alaboringstart
    Hi Kimbobo!You can get through those prereqs in time for the June or August 2013 reviews! It can be trying mentally and financially to tailor your portfolio to each school you apply to, but it may be the best option. Applying to one school and not getting in would take you right back to the starting line.The CT community colleges are a great option for meeting your prereps. Depending on the semester and college, you can take Genetics online.Hope this helps!
  5. by   dorkomatic
    Hello! i just finished my application for UCONN MEIN program. The application seems short and easy. Just be aware that the admissions coordinators are very difficult to get in contact with. You sometimes need to email them more than three times to get a question answered. good luck with your application
  6. by   clf9317
    Hi! I just got my acceptance letter for the MEIN program , with a jan start!!! I am so excited! Does anyone happen to know the exact start date and when the breaks are?? I will be going to storrs! Thanks for the help!!
  7. by   alaboringstart
    Hi Clf9317!Congrats and welcome to the group! The start date is still a mystery (but it would be so nice to know for planning and countdown purposes!!). Maybe we'll find out in the next few Weeks once the letters for the August decision cycle go out.
  8. by   clf9317
    Thanks! Hope we find out soon!
  9. by   mac05032
    I'm a student in the current MEIN class at Storrs. Glad to hear some of you have been accepted It's a good program but always keep in mind they are very disorganized - we didn't get the year's schedule till close to the start of classes. For those of you wondering, here's this year's schedule - they keep it pretty much the same every year:

    Jan 9 - classes begin
    March 11-17 - Spring break
    April 21 - 1st semester ends
    April 22-May 4 - break
    May 7 - 2nd semester starts
    Aug 11 - 2nd semester ends
    Aug 12-26 - break
    Aug 27 - 3rd (final!) semester starts
    Nov 19-25 - break
    Dec 8 - 3rd semester ends
    Dec 9 - pinning ceremony
    Dec 17-19 - NCLEX prep class

    We had Martin Luther King Jr. day, memorial day, July 4, and labor day off (but they do sometimes make up a class day later on that same week).

    Any questions feel free to ask!
  10. by   alaboringstart
    Thanks! Can you tell us what to expect from orientation?
  11. by   futurenurse531

    These posts are great information for people like myself who are thinking of applying to UCONNs program.
    I am an undergrad currently at uconn studying allied health sciences.. I am planning on applying after my graduation date (2017) but am very nervous about being accepted.

    Does anyone know what they're most strict about/looking for? I've read all of the prereq's and the FAQs but I was just wondering if anyone could provide any insight.. I have the 3.0 now, do you think the numbers are most important? Grades? Or does extra volunteer stuff count too?

    If anyone could tell me what their application looked like (dont want to if you dont have too, just looking for a ballpark to see if I'm in OK shape) that would be wonderful!
    Thank you so much and best of luck to everyone in the program!!!
  12. by   INN_777
    Hi futurenurse!

    I graduated this year. I would say pretty much everything they list in the application matters. Your overall undergraduate GPA, your GPA in prerequisite classes (and here I know they say grades no lower than B, but, frankly, if you have Bs in these classes you are likely to not be competitive - so shoot for grades as high as you can get in prerequisites), your resume (professional experience, volunteer work), your essay (you need to be able to articulate well why you want to be a nurse) and your recommendations.

    They accept/review applications 3 times a year: Jan, June and August. The earlier in the year you have your application and prerequisites done, the better chance you have.

    You still have a lot of time. When you get closer, definitely go to their open house - who knows, requirements might change by 2017.

    Not sure if this helps. If any questions, feel free to ask.