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Has anyone heard back for the CEIN 2014 class??... Read More

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    I'm just wondering, did the people who got emails saying they were accepted, ask first by email? Or did the school just send you an email without you asking about your status?

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    I received the email without asking on September 11. It said that they would be sending out further information via mail within the next two weeks.
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    Thanks. Do you know what faculty member contacted you?
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    Thanks a lot!
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    Kris3010, would you mind sharing your stats?
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    Are you asking about my GPA and work experience?
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    Yes, I'd really appreciate it.
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    No problem! My undergrad is in Biology and I had a 3.4 GPA. For the prerequisite classes I had a mixture of As and Bs for grades. I ended up having to retake two classes over the summer because my original grades were a B-. I've been working for Yale for the past year as a PCA, so I'm a certified nurses aid, phlebotomist and EKG tech. My letters of recommendation were written by one of my professors, the nurse manager of my floor, and the charge nurse from my floor who happened to graduate from this same program. I hope this helps!
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    Thanks! Congrats on getting accepted!
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    Is anyone else still waiting to hear something about being accepted or not? I still haven't heard anything.

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