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Has anyone heard back for the CEIN 2014 class??... Read More

  1. by   pats04
    Yes, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. by   kris3010
    No problem! My undergrad is in Biology and I had a 3.4 GPA. For the prerequisite classes I had a mixture of As and Bs for grades. I ended up having to retake two classes over the summer because my original grades were a B-. I've been working for Yale for the past year as a PCA, so I'm a certified nurses aid, phlebotomist and EKG tech. My letters of recommendation were written by one of my professors, the nurse manager of my floor, and the charge nurse from my floor who happened to graduate from this same program. I hope this helps!
  3. by   pats04
    Thanks! Congrats on getting accepted!
  4. by   gett34
    Is anyone else still waiting to hear something about being accepted or not? I still haven't heard anything.
  5. by   ninja0925
    I'm still waiting... unfortunately makes me think negatively, hopefully something soon.
  6. by   INN_777
    I am still waiting too. Knowing that so many have heard already is not comforting, to say the least. But knowing that some of you are waiting too at least gives me the comfort that hopefully it's not just that my application fell through the cracks or got lost somehow.

    I e-mailed the Stamford campus director almost week ago - nothing back.

    After so much effort put in, this is kind of hard on me.
  7. by   ninja0925
    I emailed, The Director at Storrs campus, nothing either....
  8. by   INN_777
    My e-mail to the Storrs campus Director actually bounced back, strangely...
  9. by   pats04
    I'm waiting also & I emailed the Storrs campus director on Tuesday asking what the status of my application was and she said that] letters will be sent out this week or the beginning of next week, so I am worried. Hopefully, if anything some of us will be ]wait-listed.
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  10. by   gett34
    I emailed a couple people at the school who said they received more applications than they anticipated, so the admissions review took longer. But these emails were Friday, and they said I should be hearing something this week. So, I'm thinking either today or tomorrow.
  11. by   ninja0925
    Thank you for the info, nothing in the mail today, so maybe tomorrow or Saturday.
  12. by   moana005
    My friend applied after me in august and yet she got her acceptance email like 2 weeks ago, at this point, not to be negative but I think that my chance of getting in is nada. Guess I will have to look for other options. Too bad Uconn was my only option at the time and i had really high hope of getting in since my grades were really good (mixture of A- and A).

    And I believe that Storrs has already been filled up since my friend didn't get accepted to Storrs but to another campus. I do wish that they would just tell people if they get rejected or not so people can just move on. But unfortunately, they keep dragging it, playing the cat and mousse game. I paid $75 for the fee, the least they could do is let me know so I can stop stressing out about my "unofficial rejection"
  13. by   gett34
    I completely agree. It is getting ridiculous waiting and waiting. I just want to know either way, so I can move forward. It feels like they are holding my life hostage right now.

    Did your friend apply to Storrs as first choice? Which campus did they get accepted to? I think that Avery Point and Stamford students heard earlier because those campuses have open spots. But it seems like Storrs and Waterbury have excessive applications, and some people will have to be waitlisted there. I can tell you that as long as you meet the requirements for this program you will definitely be accepted. It is just a matter of it being 2014 or 2015.