Torn between 2 schools

  1. Hello everyone!

    I need some advice because I am torn between 2 school.

    I am currently doing my pre requirements classes at Goodwin college and I only have 1 more semester before I can Apply for their nursing program and I have a good chance to get in.

    I applied at Saint Joseph for their nursing program because I wanted to go for my BSN instead of an associates in Nursing, and I got accepted but not for the Nursing program. They gave me 20 thousand dollars in grants and I can pick whatever major I want to except nursing.

    I am so torn, because I really want to be a Nurse but Saint Joseph is a great school and I will basically go there for free!
    I need Advice please... What would you do in my place?
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  3. by   Rooskenator
    I'd do what you REALLY want to do. I was in your exact same shoes 7 years ago & chose not to "wait it out" and take more courses to increase my GPA, etc to get into nursing. Now I have a degree in a field I don't want to be in, have taken all of my pre-requs over again because they're all older than 5 years, and am back applying to nursing. It would have been a 1-2 year wait if I did it the other way, now it's been a 7+ year wait (like a decade by the time I finish!)

    Unless you are going to school for something that DEFINITELY pays really well and would make you just as happy, I say go for it. You'll be able to pay off the difference & you'll be happier in the long run. (IF nursing is what you really want to do & only you know that in the pit of your stomach.)

    Follow your gut... Just my
  4. by   cayenne06
    Well, I will say that if you can get your bachelor's at St. Joe's, then an accelerated BSN program will only take you a year or so after that. I just graduated from Goodwin and am almost 40,000 in debt, just from pre-reqs and an associate's degree. That is a hard pill to swallow. I have had no problem getting a job, but if I didn't have two kids I would have taken a slower, less expensive route.
  5. by   jtboog2003
    Since you received so much aid, I would go to that school, and pick a logical major (something that you can actually use in case Nursing doesn't pan out like you want.) I would then do an accelerated program which usually takes about a a year or a year and a half. I'm assuming that you got in for Fall this year. You could have your Nursing degree within the next three or three and a half years if you play your cards right, and come out with TWO bachelor degrees. Finish Bachelor's May 2014. Finish accelerated Nursing program in the year 2015.

    You said you have another semester before you can apply at the school you are at, and I'm assuming that is for next Fall (2013), since most Nursing deadlines end in March, and it's already the middle of the Spring Semester (February). Meaning you can't apply until the summer or Fall? With entrance in Fall 2013, you would be done your Nursing degree in about three and a half years from now, May 2015. By that tim you could have your two Bachelor's degrees.
  6. by   jtboog2003
    Also, is Goodwin an associate's? For all that time you spend waiting to get an associate's (which isn't even guaranteed that you will get in btw) You could just get your Bachelor's in another field, and then do the accelerated Nursing. You can still be a Nurse and go to Saint Joseph's as well. Your just taking an alternate route.
    To be honest, I wish I had got a Bachelor's in another field and then did an accelerated Nursing program just so I could have a fallback in case Nursing doesn't pan out like I hope it to.
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  7. by   SwampCat
    If I were in your shoes, I would go to St. Joe's and pick something like biology. Then if I still wanted to do nursing, I would do a Masters entry program. Or from your bachelor's you could do physician assistant. Congrats on a great fin aid package!
  8. by   lanebr85
    Just saw all the replays today!

    Thanks everyone, you guys really helped me making my decision!