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  1. I work at Stamford Hospital. They started a new bonus program called 10/10. If I recruit an RN who will work either ICU, ED, Psych, Endo, PACU, SCU and they have at least 1 yr experience in the field I will get a $10,000 bonus and the new hire also gets $10,000. I love my job at Stamford Hospital and have been there 5 years. If you are considering employment there feel free to email me with any questions. I am a single mom and could use a bonus about now, so if you are signing on how about putting my name on the application as your referral source. No hard sell here, just hoping for a win/win situation.

    Barbara Knebel RN
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  3. by   mandykal
    They should reconsider and train LPN's. I mean $20,000 could pay alot for education. Especially considering I'm LPN who's motivated but limited to work places due to all Hospitals in Connecticut are not hiring LPN's. All we need is more education, and that can be done by two ways either going back to school or on the job experience. I know alot about the principles of nursing all I need is to get my hands on..... Even if I was hired, they can keep the $10,000 because working in a Hospital and gaining so much is enough self satisfaction for me.

    I work in Massachusetts for a job that pays lower, and I have a couple of work places next to home that pays 6-8 dollars more, but the reason why I'm not working here is because the knowledge and experience I'm gaining as a shift supervisor at my current job.

    Sometimes I wonder that maybe the Hospitals aren't hiring LPN's is probably to maintain their higher standards of care. RN's only.
  4. by   RXCT
    I 100% agree with you on this topic. Your statement & mine should be sent up to ct board of nusing. They are desp. trying to solve the shortage & hands on experience is a great start toward's starting the cure! They can better utilize the $$$ bonuses$$$ they are selling. To get a nurse there by means of cash may raise a few eyebrows, I would much rather want a nurse that really WANTS to be there to nurse the patients not to get rich off their unfortunate stay.
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  5. by   barbyann
    My floor just recently hired an LPN and are footing the bill for her RN training. I think the hospital has an excellent track record of supporting further education. The cost of living in Stamford and the fact that there are so many non hospital opportunities in Stamford make it tough to recruit new nurses. I applaud the hospital for offering this monetary reward to their own employees rather than pay this fee to an out of state agency who will fill the hospital with travelers. The cost of housing these travelers is outrageous, and frankly the local nurses who struggle to pay their own housing costs feel ripped off when the new guys on the block are housed at the hospital expense. I think the bonus program shows support to home grown nurses.