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salary expectations of a new grad in CT - page 2

hello all, I am happy to report that I have gotten a job (finally)'s in LTC here in eastern CT. I was just wondering if anyone has any input on what to expect for starting salary. I don't... Read More

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    I am a new graduate LPN in Connecticut, I live around the Hartford area, graduated in April and have not found a job. Can you tell me where you work and if they are hiring any more LPN's I am absolutely desperate for work and will take any shift availible. I am willing to travel anywhere in CT as well. THank you!
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    Sorry, due to wanting to keep my anonymity, I won't disclose where I work. But I can tell you we aren't hiring presently.
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    Any suggestions on where a new lpn should apply in ct? Lol well i answered my own question bc i applied everywhere! What i mean is: any places more likely to hire a new grad? Im not picky at all with no children or major committments. At this point ill be grateful for ANY salary! Good luck to u all! Thanks
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    Moved to CT Nursing for more response.

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