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    I have a question about online courses. When you apply to a nursing school what online courses would be excepted? What are some of the good online colleges? Also, is it better to just take the classes at a school or is it better to take classes online? I would like to know because I have to take pre-requisites before applying to Nursing School and if I could take some of my pre-reqs online I would like too. If anyone can help, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I'm taking classes online in New Mexico at a school called Clovis Community college. Totally accredited.. I foolishly decided to take API online during the summer (8weeks), but it was not wise. I am calling all my nursing friends for help on concepts... nothing is explained because is just lecture notes. So far I have a 96 average, but it hard and fast. I know I will have to go over it again this summer just to make sure I was not studying for the test. I realize now the classes to take online if you need guidance are the ones you are strong in. for me it classes like English, Psych and the like. I have to say I do like the math classes. They use PLATO. Its a program that illustrates and talks.... I Really like it. and i can replay and ask questions too. clovis has online tutoring and telephone tutoring in all classes. The professors are REALLY good at calliing you to explain anything and everything. (my math professor called me and spoke to me for 2 hours explaining concepts.) They are really cheap too. I am out of state but 11 credits were under 500 dollars. The classes are challenging as well, I was kinda surprised, because of the price. Anyway, thats my take on online classes. Look around, go for a good price check to make sure they are accredited.

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    Lots of people have posted here about doing their prerequisites on-line. However, before you invest any time or $$$ in doing so, make sure that the nursing school(s) you're planning on attending will accept those specific courses offered by that specific on-line provider. Each individual school is free to set its own standards about what courses it will and won't accept for transfer credit -- you wouldn't want to find out after the fact that the courses you've already taken won't be accepted ...
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    I am considering apply to Gateway CC for nursing and I emailed asked about if they accept online courses from Clovis CC. I explained to her that it was so much cheaper. I got an email back saying that they do accept prerequisites from Clovis!
    To the person who took the A&P online from Clovis, how do you do the "labs?" I notice it is a 4 credit class so I figure lab is included....
    I am definitely going to take all the other prereqs there.
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    How do the do the labs online?
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    Hi, I am taking AP I online with Clovis. The labs are kinda neat. Right now its about cases, the Professor gives you information and with the information you answer questions and have to give a dx and sometimes recommend drugs or treatment.

    Its not hard, the hard part is the learning the material sort of by yourself. I have to use many methods, I am a audible learner, so learning by computer is hard. I have to download AP textbooks on tape... read outloud on tape and listen in the car. There is another school that is cheaper... San Juan College... they dont have as many classes, but it another option. ($40.00 per credit $480. for 12 credits for out of state)

    Any questions, just pm me. Gotta go study.
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    I am thinking of retaking Intermidiate Algebra to boost my gpa. When I look at Clovis the same class is four credits and seems like a much higher class. Does anyone know the equivalent?
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    I'm taking Basic Algebra II from Clovis this summer and I took Intermediate Algebra from HCC over 20 years ago.... my son took Intermediate Algebra at NVCC this past semester so I had the syablles and Clovis's Intermediate is the same as College Algebra here. The Basic Algebra II is the same as Intermediate here... When I spoke to my math professor at Clovis, I asked her about this and she said, she has heard this from a lot of her distance ed students, but doubts if another community college would admitt their class is lower than theirs. (some might if you show the syllabus) She sugest just doing the accuplacer and testing out of Intermediate which you will do if you take her class. The instructor is great, If you call she will call you back and REALLY help you understand. also the math online tutoring is AWESOME,..... because of the time differences their hours this summer were 3p to 8p... Anyway if you have any more questions about Clovis, just email me... I might take a little getting back to you right now, because classes are over on July 25th, and I have finals.

    Oh at Clovis if you pass Basic Algebra II with a B, you dont have to take Intermediate for the nursing degree, they also have enrollment twice a year and they MAKE you get an LPN in case you dont make it the second year. (kinda smart so you can at least be employable.) and New mexico pays you to be a nurse. Why is CT behind and not doing this too?
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    Great info thanks! I know, too bad Ct is behind the times!!!
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    Ok. I seem to be having a confused moment here so let me make sure I understand.
    Basic Algebra II is the same as the CT CC intermidiate Algebra but they won't transfer it, so I should take it and then try to test out of the requirement?
    Sorry I think I'm losing it.

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