New Nurse Grad with no prospects of work

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    Hello out there fellow nurse grads. I Graduate here in less than 2 weeks and even though I have put in a lot of applications I have not even got a call back even for an interview.
    I was told by one of the big hospitals in COnnetiuit (even though I will live here and will be getting my liscense here) that because I go to school and will be graduating in RI that they will not be hiring me to work in CONNeticuit as a new grad or RN because they have to fill the positions with grads from conneticuit. Have any of you heard of that? I live in Groton. Anyone know of doctors or even LTC that are hiring?
    This is frustrating time for new grads trying to find work or at least for me.

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    I am just graduating from a CC in connecticut. All the hospitals have frozen their jobs here for now. We are expecting everything to open up in September and then you will have your pick.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for the insight and good luck on your nclex.
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    How about Midstate in Meriden? They have jobs posted in the hallway for Nurses. Not sure if its internal or not, or if they're looking for experienced Nurses. Just for the heck of it, read other state forums..they're all like CT. There are no jobs because the economy is in shambles. no one is retiring because of the economy and until the economy turns around I don't think you're going to see a lot of openings.
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    Not only are people not retiring, veteran nurses are not moving so they don't lose their senority to potentially get laid off at another company.

    Take what job you can no matter the setting. I believe we can have really positive experiences no matter where we work. Many of us were in similar situations when we were new grads; we worked crazy shifts, LTC, dialysis, MD offices, etc. to get experience which would then enable us to move into the hospitals.
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    My mom called me yesterday and left a message saying one of the schools in CT (I think she said Fairfield U) was in the paper saying they have 114 grads and 45 of them already have jobs... Why does the paper print this nonsense when I can see for myself hospitals are not hiring?? Why are the schools and/or grads saying this??? what hospital is this hiring almost 50 grads BEFORE they take the NCLEX, while other new grads with licenses are not getting jobs??

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    Try checking out state job opportunities. The link is:

    Suggestions of where to look would be Dept of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), University of CT Health Center, Connecticut Valley Hospital. Many of these are connected with mental health and addiction, or corrections - but it's a place to start. State jobs may have a bit more paperwork to fill out, and clearly there's no guarantee of a job, but many people don't even think about the option to apply for one.

    Good luck to all.

    A Working Nurse
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    Just an additional thought; try checking out the CT job fairs. The link is:

    The one in Groton on May 14th at the Groton Inn & Suites has at least one or two representative agencies looking for nurses.

    Wishing all of you the best.

    A working nurse.
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    When I met with my advisor she had job postings from hartford hospital and said most of her grads had gotten positions there. because of what I have heard I decided to check for myself and they are hiring new grads. Maybe you can check that out?
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    hey - I feel all your pain. I'm beginning the application process; I graduate in December from UConn's MbEIN program. Have any of your found employment? There are jobs out there, but it's competitive.

    Hope to hear some good news from you guys!

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