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Hello out there fellow nurse grads. I Graduate here in less than 2 weeks and even though I have put in a lot of applications I have not even got a call back even for an interview. I was told by one... Read More

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    Quote from 2ndcareerchange
    My mom called me yesterday and left a message saying one of the schools in CT (I think she said Fairfield U) was in the paper saying they have 114 grads and 45 of them already have jobs... Why does the paper print this nonsense when I can see for myself hospitals are not hiring?? Why are the schools and/or grads saying this??? what hospital is this hiring almost 50 grads BEFORE they take the NCLEX, while other new grads with licenses are not getting jobs??

    When I graduated in the mid-90's, we were going through a similar "market contraction". The big teaching hospitals were only hiring those students who had been working for them as a student nurse. If you weren't already in the teaching hospital as an employee, then you didn't get access to the new grad internships that they offered. That may be what is going on.

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