May Grads and jobs

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    Hello all,
    I am a new grad that graduated in May 2009 and that lives here in Connecticut.
    I personally am having a really hard time finding a job.
    How are the rest of the new grads doing?
    How much should I be asking for?
    Ive taken my NCLEX already and passed so I do hold a licence just not a real job.
    Please tell me about your experiences.
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    I'm a May 2009 grad and I do not yet have a job. Don't give up, though, I have an interview tomorrow.
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    I too graduated in May, passed NCLEX in July and no job. Not even an interview. I've decided to look out of state because I've given up on landing a job in CT. Good luck to you
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    Do you mind me asking where you live/where you were looking? I just moved to Connecticut a few months ago. I graduate in December, and then have to look for a job. Is it just as bad in all areas of the state, or worse in particular parts? I've seen job postings for the east side, where I live, which is definately more promising than the state I moved from, but not many. Does anyone know if it's the same in Rhode Island or Massachussetts?
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    I went to school in RHODE Island. I think the job market is worse there then here and in Mass. I live in groton which is near new london, norwitch and mystic. I just can not get backus or lawerence and memorial to call me back. which are the new hospitals in my area.
    It is trully a downer.
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    I live in Central CT and let me tell you, I've had a hard time getting acknowledgement that my resume, personal statement,clinical refrences have been recieved. Don't get down, my experience is not going to be your experience but it truly bites when respect is not shown to you when you give it.
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    I'm in Groton too. Do you know when Backus is accepting applications for their next GN residency program? Also, when it would start?
    I just keep telling myself that anywhere is better than Michigan right now, at least. And at least my husband has a good job. And at least there ARE job postings, even if you have to fight with 700 applicants to get an interview. In Michigan there aren't any postings to even apply for. Sigh....I graduated in 2003 with a degree in El Ed, but there were no teaching jobs in MI (our economy TANKED way before this recession was ever announced), went to Nursing school thinking I would finally have a job. How FRUSTRATING! Sorry...just venting.
    Good luck everyone! I hope that you are all able to find positions soon.
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    What happen to the nurse shortage?
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    Most of my graduate class are working. I graduated in May from St Vincents College. I have a part time job and was asked if I wanted to work fulltime because two positions have been created.
    Try to apply at St Vincents Medical Center. There are a few positions in respiratory and Med Surg. You can apply online. Good Luck!!
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    Oh my gosh. This thread depresses me!!! I graduate in December from the UConn MbEIN program. I'm working as hard as I can to contact Nurse Recruiters and find out about eligibility for GN training programs and such. It's hard to get people on the phone, and I'm trying to network through professors and instructors through the "who you know" circuit.

    I'm interested in ED and Critical Care nursing which is extra competitive and there are even fewer spots. I'm still hopeful, cause you have to be to keep going. But to hear you guys say you haven't gotten a job.... ugh! I wanted to be working by AT THE LATEST Jan 15. I plan to take the NCLEX before christmas. Ugh. Maybe I should readjust my mental time frame.

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